Jan 26 2015

Harrow’s Bin Collections: Broken, Broken, Broken

harrow_council_logoJust a couple of weeks after the council announced it would start charging for brown bin collections, we can see already cracks starting to appear in the council’s bin collection process.

Today, in one of the more run-down parts of Harrow, it was, apparently, blue bin collection day. The resident concerned left, as always, both the blue bin and the brown bin out for collection. For some unexplained reason, the blue bin wasn’t emptied. It wasn’t heavy – indeed, only about three quarters full, it wasn’t ‘contaminated’ – just the usual collection of cardboard, tins, bottles, shredded paper, etc, and it was right on the boundary line, so that the collectors didn’t have to trudge up a driveway. Inexplicably, the resident’s neighbours’ bins were emptied.

So, the resident goes online – remember, folks: the council wants all interactions with the public to go this way – to report a ‘missed bin.’ After entering their postcode, house number, and choosing the identity of the missed bin, they’re told that the the ‘collection teams has not visited your street to collect your bin’ – absolute nonsense, given other bins in the street were collected. And being told to ‘try again after 3pm’ is additional nonsense, given it’s around 7.45pm in the evening:

20150126_missed_binWorse still, was the message ‘you can not proceed with this request’ so the resident couldn’t even report that their bin had been missed. Result: the resident will face a likely tortuous wait on an overly-busy phone line – if he can find the number – to report it by telephone in the morning, and the council will see a fair part of a green bin filled with perfectly good recyclable waste next week, once the blue bin is filled.

So, not only does the council fail to carry out it’s obligations, it provides a faulty process to report it. One has to wonder what will happen when residents start contracting with the council – through the payment of a £75 a year charge – to have their brown bins collected. In fact, it seems the be a pretty shabby turnout right across the borough today:

Of course, the fact that the blue bin was outside iharrow.com towers, and the fact that the council views iharrow.com as a thorn in their side are entirely unrelated, right?

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  1. Charis

    Could be nothing to do with you – I had literally exactly the same experience. They’re just crap

  2. S. Miah

    Outrageous! My blue bin was not emptied whilst my neighbour’s one was. They were both on the driveway side by side. Mine was over half full.

  3. mark

    They didnt collect down kenton lane and Belmont either. This is a deliberate run -down to prepare us for yearly bin charges. Allready a £75 levy is to be introduced to pick up your brown bin. Then similar charges for the rest. Why do we pay council tax? If someone else is emptying our paperwork bins and council are NOT LYING ,, then cyber criminals are doing it…… all they need is your old letters and statements etc. Be carefull

  4. Concerned Resident

    its absolutely ridiculous to cut the brown bin so small. As more and more people become healthy and eat fresh fruit and veg, they will infact need a bigger brown bin!!! To cut the brown bin will mean a bigger green bin!!!!! Also, not everyone has the time or space for managing to compost as home. Large queues at the already busy dumpyard (depot). It’s a No No from every angle!! I just dont see how the idea was agreed in the first place.

  5. Susan Hall

    Lets be absolutely clear. This is a Labour group idea and is being vigorously challenged by the Conservative Council group. Its a totally ridiculous idea and should never, ever have seen the light of day. Please sign our petition in order that we can get this debated in Council https://www.change.org/p/harrow-council-drop-plans-for-75-brown-bin-charge-2

  6. Gary

    Lets look at the facts, the Brown Bin costs approx. £56.00 per ton to dispose, however separating the waste, food from green is a mixed cost of £58.00 per ton to dispose of in the same disposal site, if this waste enters landfill through the green/grey bin it will cost £120.00 per ton, so where is the savings. if Harrows residents dispose of their green waste at the CA site the cost is still £56.00 per ton. However the Councils superior management who came up with this idea, have failed to adjust the tonnages being disposed of at Harrows CA site, now that Victoria Road has enacted a £17.50 charge for the use of CA site. this has meant that Harrows Ealing, Hillingdon, and of course other can now dispose of their waste for free and therefore increase the cost of Harrows disposal due to the fact that the WLWA contract is based on a PAYT (pay as you throw) it appears Harrow Councils senior management are paid to obtain these absurd proposals from neighbouring boroughs, what happened to leading the way, and why are we paying high salaries for copying others? when viewing Three Rivers council who separate the food from green waste have seen their fuel costs have increase due to the payload capacity of food being lower than the 26ton vehicle design 10 ton overall payload. if the council are seriously interested why do they not charge for residual waste those that have more than one Green/grey bin this would reduce the cost by £120.00 per ton and of course charge houses of multiple occupancy who may have in excess of six grey/green bins yet only register for 1 maybe they lack any business acumen or fairness.

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