Jun 01 2016

Harrow’s Bin Mess Continues… Residents to be charged for DIY waste?

harrow_council_broken_22Only months after forking out £75 for garden waste collections, Harrow residents may soon face another bill to dispose of rubbish; as the Council’s Labour administration has revealed they are considering charging residents wanting to dump building and DIY waste. Confirmation that further charges are on the table came from Environment portfolio holder Cllr. Graham Henson at May’s Cabinet meeting, responding to questions from Conservative Group Leader Cllr. Susan Hall about the gridlocked traffic around the borough’s refuse site on Forward Drive. Cllr. Henson said: “The resolution is the more complex part of it where we actually look at charging residents to take in DIY and builders waste into the depot.”

Residents have complained about being stuck in traffic for up to 90 minutes on Forward Drive, with the problem widely attributed to the imposition of garden waste charging in Harrow. However, Cllr. Henson refused to accept responsibility, saying the traffic chaos was: “a direct result of… controls and charging policies that have been put in place by other boroughs.”

Cllr. Susan Hall said: “I find it absolutely incredible that Labour’s solution to a problem caused by their own garden waste charge is to make Harrow residents pay for yet something else, in the vague hope it will stop them taking rubbish to the dump and reduce the traffic. Aside from the very real possibility this may not work and could even increase fly-tipping, just where will Labour finally draw the line? They seem to view helping residents wanting to recycle or dump their waste as a massive inconvenience they have to deal with, rather than a service they should provide.”

Meanwhile, fly-tipping across the borough seems to have increased dramatically over recent months, a sight perhaps made worse by the stench of rotting garden waste from countless brown bins, left forlornly at the edge of driveways, in the hope of collection, a collection which will never come as the owner can’t afford, doesn’t know, doesn’t care or doesn’t understand about the brown bin charges.

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  1. Keith Rookledge

    The closure of South Ruislip waste site has not helped either!

  2. peter day

    I seem to remember under the Tory rein they put a chip in the blue bin, and then did not enforce it later. As usual what ever one does the other side always find a way possible to try to put us voters off them to get votes for the next local election

  3. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    As i compose this futile exercise in venting my disbelief that once again my brown bin has not been emptied (along with 2 elderly neighbours I am left to wonder if it is not time to call it quits let my garden overgrow let the hedges run amok, become the doyen of weeds rather than keep my lawn neat & trimmed,pathways weeded.

    The ineptitude & failure of the brown bin saga must be laid firmly at the door of both the incumbent political party in power & the Council department that runs refuse,since the fortnightly collection service came into being I have been missed more times on collection day than I have been collected & have had to report online in the vain attempt to get them to come back & empty it before the next collection.

    Since payment has come in my bin is still missed I try the online reporting form to find it states “your road has not been collected” this is on the morning after my collection,this means I cannot report my bin as missed ( a convenient way of keeping complaints down) we are hard of hearing so find it difficult on the phone I emailed refuse they said they would come they did not on another occasion the did not bother to answer or come,my Councillor contacted them (ok if we do not collect on the Friday it will be Tuesday due to the bank holiday) I take it they meant this bank holiday & not Augusts.

    So I am still waiting as are my neighbours from the collection date of last Wednesday 25th for my bin to be emptied & yet a councillor can fill their bin with the wrong items & the bin men can duly refuse to empty it log it on their cab computer system & be diverted back within the hour to empty it much to the crews chagrin who were only doing their job.

    I tried tweeting both Harrow Council who in the past failed to reply to inquire what to do next & Cllr Shah to say it would be more productive in ensuring the service worked properly before once again pursuing a photo opportunity this time out on a refuse cart ,he deigned to reply.

  4. Concerned Harrovian


    It would be an eye-opener for Councillor Graham Henson and Chief Executive Mike Lockwood to ride on the dustcart on collection days. They could then observe the problems first hand and speak to residents when collecting the bins.

    Also they could do a few shifts at the tip and see the gridlocked traffic and the problems people are encountering when trying to obey the rules. I feel sorry for the hard pressed workers at the tip as no doubt they are having to listen to the complaints and deal with an increased work load.


    So don’t be proud Councillor Henson and CEO Lockwood get out of the office and ditch the Rolls Royce for a ride on the dustcart to see how the plebeian Council Tax payers are feeling about the brown bin collection and the possible DIY levy. I shall expect to see a picture in the local press of the pair smiling as they ride throughout Harrow in a bin lorry.

    I remember reading in the press that Councillor Hall used to ride the dustcart to see how the system was working.


    Mr Lockwood have you arranged for the sign the “the buck stops here” to be placed on your desk yet? The well behaved residents of Harrow have not resorted to dumping the contents of the brown bins on your desk. The complaints to the Council have been verbal or written but they have not been listened to or acted upon.

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