Mar 04 2014

Harrow’s Budget: Fag Packets, Bad Apples and Knife Plunging reports @HarrowBugle

harrowbugleHats off to our chums over at the Harrow Bugle for their excellent video coverage of last week’s Harrow Council meeting, where, it seemed all three parties were intent on trading insults for the best part of the night.

Despite the Council’s own bouncers warning us humble tax-paying residents in the gallery not to get our phones out in case we should inadvertently snap an unauthorised picture of the impending bun fight, the chaps from the Harrow Bugle had pre-arranged with the Council’s PR Guru to do some filming of events, much to the upset of the Mayor who’d already got her mates from the Observer in with their camera.

So, enough ado. Head over to Harrow Bugle’s site, sit back, and watch a car crash unfold right in front of your own eyes.

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