Jan 31 2013

Harrow’s Councillor Complaints Process – Bureaucracy or Art?

harrow_member_flowchartWe wrote recently about the plans, squirreled away under the heading of ‘Scaled Back Councillor Investigation Process’ in the draft budget. The irony of this wasn’t missed, it being delivered at the same time Labour had one of its councillors convicted for fraud, and another accepting a caution for child porn offences.

We were forwarded a copy of the existing complaints process (in eight colours, no less) which can be downloaded here, and which would be used when a Councillor breaches the Code of Conduct (download that here).

Perhaps, what is needed is a more efficient process, not a ‘scaled back’ one. As Cllr Paul Osborn said, “I hardly think this is the best time for Labour to stop the scrutiny of councillor conduct.


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