Dec 07 2013

Harrow’s Dirt Doubled as Labour’s Cuts Bit

conservative_logoNew data from Harrow Council has shown that, in the space of a three-month period, the borough became twice as dirty – with graffiti also increasing by 25%. A report being presented to December’s Cabinet shows that, between July and September 2013, the performance indicator recording litter in Harrow doubled from 7% to 14%. The indicator monitoring graffiti increased from 6% to 8%. Though the Council had an Independent Labour administration during this period, the poor performance can be traced back to the Labour Group’s last budget – passed in February 2013.

Leader of the Council, Cllr. Susan Hall, said: “From the outset, our Conservative administration has pledged to deliver a cleaner, safer and fairer Harrow. What this data shows is how appropriate it was for us to invest in the public realm services which keep our borough clean and tidy – as Labour’s cuts were clearly starting to bite.”

Cllr. Hall continued: “Labour’s last budget included major reductions in road sweeping funding, cuts in graffiti removal and less maintenance of grass verges – all of which have had a devastating impact on the cleanliness and appearance of our borough. By contrast, our recently produced draft budget includes over £500,000 of investment specifically intended to clean up Harrow – including funding for our street cleansing ‘Blitz Team’, more sweeping of our shopping centres, and a specialist team to look after our parks.”

Cllr. Hall concluded: “We know that residents want a cleaner and better maintained Harrow, and our administration believes that by introducing and continuing to fund schemes like these – many of which are already up and running – we can deliver on their aspiration.”

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  1. keith

    Rayners Lane shopping area gets cleaner!!

    Friday 8th November, was please to see that the Council had litter pickers out in the shopping area clearing up after all those who drop things. This is back to where it was before the cuts!!!

    Keep it up and the area will begin to look nice!!

    Keith resident in Rayners Lane

  2. Mike McFadden

    We need to be positive and close these beds in shed curtail HMO both licensed and unlicensed. Further, we must send in mobile camera units in areas of rubbish dumping and fine those responsible on a sliding scale. 1st offence £80 2nd £300 3rd £1000 followed by seizer of transport. We are moving into an era of intolerable “Stuff you” attitude towards local residents from people that see a show of kindness as weakness. Don’t let it happen in my country.

  3. Susan Hall

    Mike and Keith, I am determined to clean up Harrow. No matter if it is dirt and litter on the streets or HMO’s or beds in sheds. Harrow will say, ENOUGH is Enough! With the help of our fantastic Harrow Police Force under Borough Commander Simon Ovens and our equally wonderful Harrow Council Officers we will cease to tolerate bad behaviour in any form. I am delighted that our Neighbourhood Champions are increasing in numbers because a member of the public in every road reporting issues is invaluable. Its about time the majority of law abiding borough proud residents are heard. What we want is a fairer, cleaner and safer borough and I will do everything I can to make sure they get it and those who want to flout the law beware because I and my Conservative Colleagues are determined to fight for the silent majority. We will freeze Council Tax in the next budget when it was due to rise and we will continue to put your money, and it is your money, into making sure the Borough is one that you can be proud to live in.

    Incidentally Mike, we prosecute whenever we have the evidence so if you or any of the thousands of readers Paul has on his site know of any properties that entertain anything illegal like multipal occupancy without a license, people living in back gardens, prostitution or harbouring of illegal immigrants then please let us know. We can only deal with things when we know about them and nobody knows better than neighbours. Together we can make Harrow the place we want it to be.

    Susan Hall
    Leader of the Council

  4. sonoo malkani

    Thank Heavens for a much cleaner borough and for litter cleared promptly from Rayners Lane.Residents welcome the difference and feel much happier to see “their patch” also matters!Keep up the good work.

  5. John Clement

    Parts of Harrow have been turned into a slum, a ghetto under Labour councils. South Harrow is the worst -what was once a good place to live is now a terrible place. It is hard to believe such a rapid decline over about a 17 year period -I make 1997 as the tipping (literally) point.

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