Mar 05 2016

Harrow’s Garden Waste Scheme – Low Take Up

harrow_council_brokenHarrow Council expected 40% of the borough’s household to take up the £75/year offer of garden waste collection, before the cease in the next few months. However, according to information published on the council’s website earlier this week, it looks very much that target will be dramatically missed, leading to a rapid recalculation of the viability of the scheme. The take-up figure revealed at cabinet last week was that “17% of the expected number of households” had signed up.

So, if the council expected 40% take up, and only 17% of that expected figure have signed up, then clearly, only around 7% of Harrow’s household are onboard with the service.

Obviously, it’s early days, and many residents won’t have given a damn so far about the garden waste charges – and will continue to ignore them, until their overflowing and stinking brown bins are left uncollected for weeks on end – but it seems unlikely that the scheme will get the take-up it needs to be viable. At which point, it’ll be scrapped, and residents right across the borough will be left with figuring out how to deal with piles of grass clippings, dead flowers and other garden detritus, now that the service that they’d been used to has been pulled away from under their feet.


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  1. d mikes

    are thry going tpo take all the unwanted bins back and will it continue thro the winter

  2. mike mcfadden

    The trouble is, it seems most if not all the councilors in Harrow are “idiots” that have never owned or run a successful business.
    Are they really that daft they can’t work out many that now live in “Harrow” hardly speak English and many don’t pay council-tax themselves. So why should they worry and will continue to just carry on throwing waste and rubbish on to our streets. In my view the council is using subterfuge or plain stupidity. How can you expect people many of who are short stay foreigners here to work but also to claim every benefit going and that would include housing and council tax relief etc to play by very complicated rules made up out of gobbledgook and implemented by fools. One prime example are the food caddies!!! the accompanying note read.
    Your brown bin is collected every two weeks- please only put it out with your blue bin.

    Now you would need to be a loony-lefty on steroids to work that out. I wonder at times what language that was translated from!

    This takes me back to my main gripe with Harrow council. Why do they have a problem using “English”?
    Writing in 27 languages with 200 dialects is not only an insult to the English and our culture but does nothing to enhance the foreigners understanding of the life “THEY” chose to join!!!!!

    Ave a nice day. Regards Mike McFadden

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    Might be a good idea if councillors took an IQ test and gave the results to us alongside any election material.

  4. F.D.Billson

    The result of this will be yet more rubbish dumped in the Harrow area contributing to the mess that is already building up around here. We have a dreadful council that are continuously griping against the government for not giving them more money that they can waste. What is happening with the Brown Bin is a fiasco and insult against the tax paying residents who are already being overcharged by this council.


    1. mike mcfadden

      Ha ha ha F.D.Billson welcome to the fray even the “Concerned Harrovian” now realises Harrow’s Labour councillors couldn’t run a bath and are out of their depth. They are O.K at trying to ridicule and insult the efforts of others but they just cannot deliver on goods and services. Only talk about it or blame Margret Thatcher,better still complain there is not enough money. Surprise,surprise.
      Before any of them went into local politics they should have understood the basic economic facts of life. “If you can’t afford it you can’t have it” It’s not rocket-science.

      Personally, I take no enjoyment at watching Harrow turn into vermin infested slum made up of mainly poor people bused in to live in HMO’s on benefits a most extremely unnatural progression that has totally distorted the housing market in the area.

      The only thing to do is make sure as many people as possible get out and vote to remove loony-labour and restore Common-sense politics without the lying!! Ave a nice day!!

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