Jan 28 2013

Harrow’s Housing Annual Report 2011-12

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council has published it’s 2011-12 Annual Report to show how well it’s doing across it’s 4965 council-owned homes and 556 sheltered homes. The extravagantly – and almost certainly expensively – produced report (why use words, when a full two-page infographic will do?) shows exactly what the Council would like you to know about it’s housing operation.

Opening with an introduction from Bob Currie, Portfolio Holder for Housing – complete with smiling photo! – he says he’s “pleased to introduce you to our Annual Report for 2011/12” and that he “…hopes you like the new layout.”

Interestingly, only 99.5% of Harrow’s housing stock has a valid gas safety certificate – let’s hope you’re not in one of the 25 homes which aren’t certified as ‘gas safe’ then.

Delight yourself with the full-colour spread here, and then, if you wanted to ask your Council how much it cost them to design, produce and print the aforementioned glossy, we’d appreciate a copy of your email.

Source: Harrow Council


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