May 01 2014

Harrow’s Kitchen Caddy MKII Arrives

harrow_council_logoAs part of on-going initiatives to increase household recycling, our recycling officers have just taken delivery of around 4,000 kitchen recycling caddies.

The kitchen caddy is a small bin for the kitchen. Households can use it to collect food waste before throwing the contents into the brown bin outside, or material for their compost heap. The caddies are lined with biodegradable plastic bags, which can then be put straight in the larger outdoor brown bin.

The biodegradable bags are available for purchase from Harrow libraries, Access Harrow, and are now also being stocked by local supermarkets. Recycling officers have been promoting these caddies during Days of Action, and have distributed around 400 so far. These will be promoted through other channels, such as Harrow People magazine and the Harrow website. The caddies are free to residents.

kitchen_caddyThis is just a small part of the work done by our recycling officers; in the next edition of the Members Information Circular we will highlight some of the other initiatives and work done, which have contributed to our recycling rates in 2013/14 averaging 51% (based on quarter 1 – quarter 3 data). Full year end figures will be available during Q1 2014/15.

Source: Harrow Council

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  1. Dee Mehta

    Why are Harrow charging for the bags? what incentive is there to recycle correctly if you want to charge for it? Hillingdon have been running a food recycling service for some months now, and the bags are completely free.


    the brown bin seems a mystery collected all through the winter / our bin man only collects 3 out of 10 bins / bins he does collect have about ft of waste food. the cost of emptying the brown bin must be enormouse for little collected esp in winter mths

  3. sonoo malkani

    These small bins are very handy.Recommend you get them.

  4. Harrow Dude

    How much has this cost and what was wrong with the old caddies that we were given?

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