Dec 13 2013

Harrow’s KS2 2013 Results Now Available

school_yellowThe Department for Education has published the 2013 Key Stage 2 Results online, and you can view Harrow’s results here.

Overall, the results are encouraging, with Harrow beating – only just, unfortunately – the average across the UK, with, for example, 79% of Harrow’s children achieving Level 4 or more in reading, writing and maths, compared to 75% across the UK. So, overall, well done!

Worthy of mention is Newton Farm (stats here) the only non-Special School to achieve 0% in two categories, following the revelation of some SATS papers tampering (and the outcome, for what it’s worth, here), which sends it straight to the bottom of the list. We can imagine house prices plummeting in the school’s catchment area as a result.

Thanks to R for the tip off.


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