Mar 16 2015

Harrow’s Labour Council Cost Cutting – The Rot Begins…

harrow_council_logoAlready, we’re seeing comments at iharrow.com from residents who have noticed the state of their local environment starting to suffer. Below, we hear from one resident who fears the litter, dog fouling and drug use paraphernalia littering our streets and paths will likely injure school children; in another, we hear of the council planting flowers, but then failing to water them. Likewise, we’ve heard several mentions of something call ‘Agenda 21’ – if anyone has any further information on that, please feel free to get in touch: your name and other personal details won’t be published.

But first up – the removal of a park-keeper:

Roxeth Recreation Ground
Foot Path No. 78 – from Wood End Avenue to South Hill Avenue

The post of gardener/park keeper (currently held by Andrew Francis) is removed at the end of March 2015 as the result of budget cut.  For the last 7 years, Andrew not only carries out all the duties as a post holder, he also clears the foot path of litters, food, take away food cartons, dog droppings, dangerous glass shards from broken glass bottles daily.  Occasionally he removes from the path  used syringes, undesirable materials, Somalian “chat”‘, dead rats.

This foot path is used by many local residents from both Harrow Council and Ealing Council.  During school terms, many parents and school children use the path to gain access to Weldon Park Infants and Nursery School.   My concern is that with the loss of the park keeper, would the foot path be kept daily as well as it is now.  When so many children are using the path, it is really necessary to keep it cleared and clean at all times.

Further, all the years that I have lived in South Harrow, I never overlook the important deferent effects on which a permanent park keeper has within the park.  Knowing that there will not be the presence of one from April, I shall not be walking alone in the park any more even during the day because I do not feel safe.  It will be a shame because Andrew has maintained it so beautifully for everyone to enjoy.

I hope my concern is shared by others.

And, on wasted money for planting flowers, buy a council that doesn’t think:

I was just walking along Kenton Road and noticed that the flowerpots all along the road have not been watered at all. The plants will die shortly if nothing is done very soon.

What’s the point of trying to make a place look good with flowers that are dying or dead. This is a sheer waste of our council tax money. Was it not considered that these would need watering and maintenance?

These are just two of the comments that have been passed along. Having walked through Harrow early on Sunday morning this weekend, there was one solitary street cleaner, doing his best with just a broom, and frankly, not making much of an impact, given the assorted food wrapper, empty bottles and cans, patches of semi-dried vomit, and countless spots of gum littering what was once, just a year ago, a freshly-paved boulevard.

The Civic Centre, meanwhile, is looking to have some sections decorated and renovated, and the flowers, shrubs and plants in the recently infilled ‘moat’ at the front of the building are looking rather nicely cared for. And the irony? Council Tax payers across the borough will today have had their Council Tax bills – with a 2% increase – land on their door mats.


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  1. Ilikefilmme (@vespa2222)

    Agenda 21 is not a local phenomenon http://www.endagenda21.com/

  2. Ilikefilmme (@vespa2222)

    There are other examples of Agenda 21 some worse than others,& it covers many areas the above link is 1 of the more doom & gloom version another compares it to nazi-stalin another which I have included a link here is http://www.ukcolumn.org/articles/agenda-21-what-it-and-why-you-should-know-about-it.

    Ukcolumn is highly regarded as independent information.

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