May 08 2013

Harrow’s Labour Group: Internal Rift Causes Group Split

labour_roseFollowing an unexpected and unwarranted leadership challenge and unjust situation, a group of Labour Councillors have left Harrow Labour Group to form the Independent Labour Group with Councillor Idaikkadar as their leader. Cllr Idaikkadar remains Leader of Harrow Council until 2014.

“It is with great regret that we have had to form the Independent Labour Group. It was  impossible to ignore the discrimination and lack of fairness, equality and justice.  Unfortunately attempts to resolve matters have not been successful. The Independent Labour Group subscribes to Labour values and its members remain members of the Labour Party”, said Cllr Krishna James, chairperson of the Independent Labour Group.

Councillor David Perry has not given any convincing reasons why he challenged his group leader who was elected leader of the Labour Group a mere five months ago.

Source: Harrow Independent Labour Group

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