Dec 17 2013

Harrow’s Library Staff “given their marching orders”

books-150x150Cast your mind back a few months, and you’ll recall that Harrow decided to privatise their library services, handing them over to John Laing Integrated Services (JLIS) to manage. Back then, we observed that 29 jobs were at risk of loss.

We saw an article today on this very subject. It seems that a number of library staff have been given “at risk” notices, and rumours (we stress rumours) are circulating that libraries could, in fact, by staffed by volunteers.

Alan Wylies excellent post on dontprivatiselibraries.blogspot.co.uk contains this snippet:

Approx 100 individuals have been given “at risk of redundancy” notices across Croydon, Ealing, Harrow and Hounslow Libraries and Culture. Carillion employ about 500 people in Libraries in the four Boroughs, so this is about 20% of all staff.  The distribution of “at risk” individuals/roles is not evenly distributed across the Boroughs, some have less some have more.

Alan goes on to note that a recent comment on his site said:

“Well in Harrow ALL the managers and qualified librarians and back room (stock services) staff were given their marching orders. Upwards of 20 staff sacked with 1 week notice. The union is involved now and the staff have not left yet. Carillion haven’t finished yet, they are set to look at other groups of staff, eg schools + young peoples services next. Meanwhile new recruits are going on a zero hours contract.”

It’s a fascinating site – well worth a visit. In fact, you can view all the Harrow stories at this link.

We’ve got a request in with Harrow Council for a comment – watch this space for an update.


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  1. Bah humbug

    Happy Christmas from your council! Poor librarians, all kept very quiet as usual, assuming it’s true.

  2. PraxisReform

    Is this what iLabour had in mind when they signed over Harrow’s libraries?

  3. ricky123

    I thought it was labour that did that, not iLabour

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