Mar 04 2014

Harrow’s Mayor Addresses Trades Unionist and Socialist Coalition Conference

cllr_nana_adanteWe were forwarded an interesting link last week, concerning an address made by Cllr Nana Asante, Mayor of Harrow, to the Trades Unionist and Socialist Coalition Local Elections Conference held in London on February 1, 2014.

Our source notes:

Clearly she was acting in a personal capacity, but her public intervention in a ‘political’ arena is an interesting but not unique feature of her term of office.

TUSC was formed by some very left-wing (some would say Trotskyist) parties, as indicated by Wikipedia (if one trusts that!); in particular the Socialist Workers Party, Solidarity (formed by Tommy Sheridan in Scotland, who was noted for a perjury trial in recent years) and the Socialist Party (formerly the Militant Tendency who infiltrated the Labour Party back in the 1970s and 80s).

Does this indicate some sort of link-up between the ILG and TUSC? Time will tell. Cllr Asante in her speech portrays the ILG as a ‘left-wing’ group; heaven knows how the conference attendees would have reacted if they knew the extent to which the ILG had got “into bed” with Harrow Conservatives!

Thanks for the tip, C.


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  1. John Clement

    Left wingers in the Labour Party. Tony Blair will be turning grey -don’t people realise that New Labour are supposed to be well to the right of the tories, and only look after rich chancers at the expense of ordinary people.

  2. King David

    Paul – TUSC know fully well the situation of Harrow and ILG. More importantly their National Chair – ex Labour MP – has made his feelings known about Labour betrayal publicly.

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