May 14 2013

Harrow’s New Council Cabinet: Former Portfolio Holder “Appalled”

cllr_sachin_shahInteresting press release from the Harrow Labour Group’s former Finance Portfolio Holder, Sachin Shah (pictured). Apparently, he is ‘appalled’ at the split, and, clearly not happy that Harrow’s residents, having voted for a Labour-run administration, are now facing a joined up Labour-and-Conservative cabinet instead:

Former Labour Finance Cabinet Lead – Cllr. Sachin Shah said: “In May 2010 the people of Harrow voted for a Labour Council, and residents will be dismayed that there is now a Tory-backed Administration with no democratic mandate from the people.

“I’m appalled by Thaya Idaikkadar’s decision to split from the Labour Party, without public support to do so, and form his own independent party, just to remain as Leader of the Council. His actions will have serious consequences for the reputation of the borough.

“I’m extremely concerned to see the new Cabinet being brought together with the Conservatives, and the size of the new cabinet member’s workload, which in some cases sees a single councillor take on four policy areas. This is not sustainable and shows the people of Harrow are not the top priority of this new Tory backed administration.”

Wonder if the loss of his Cabinet member’s allowance, worth nearly £20,000 a year, is anything to do with this?

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  1. Shamus

    About time this wally got the boot!

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