May 18 2012

Harrow’s Noise Action Week

The British NGO, Environmental Protection UK organises the National Noise Action Week (NAW) campaign who aim to highlight the problems of unwanted noise. This year our Noise Action Week event will take place on 23rd May in Harrow Centre. A mobile display will be located near the Rat and Parrot public house.

In an attempt to take a harder line, this years event will involve crushing noise making equipment that had been previously seized by the Environmental Health Team.

Mary Stevens, Noise Action Week Co-ordinator said, “We’ve all suffered the effects of thoughtless noise pollution – whether it’s a neighbour’s barking dog or thumping bass, car radios blaring and aggressive driving in residential streets; noise is one of the biggest issues affecting our neighbourhoods, and our well-being, and too much noise can damage our health. During Noise Action Week EPUK is encouraging communities to consider the impacts of noise in their area and the simple ways we can all contribute to making our neighbourhoods quieter and healthier.”

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