May 17 2012

Harrow’s Noise Complaints Statistics

The Council has a legal duty to deal with all complaints relating to noise nuisance. The Environmental Health Team responds to on average 8 noise complaints for every working day of the year.

Noise complaints affect all members of the community and can result from barking dogs, loud televisions, Hi-Fi equipment, domestic arguments or simply people choosing to follow the latest vogue in home improvements and installing wooden floors rather than carpets.

Disturbingly, there is anecdotal evidence that an increasing number of domestic complaints are attributable to a fundamental lack of respect for our neighbours and also people who simply do not appreciate the effect of noise. Whatever the cause, it seems the councils work is having an effect, the number of complaints for 2011 showed a 6% reduction over 2010, with overall complaints down from approximately 1850 to 1750.

You can find more about Noise Pollution, and what to do about it, on Harrow Council’s website, here.

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