Aug 08 2013

Harrow’s Parking Consultation – Crunching the numbers

excel_150x150This was an email from @PraxisReform, which is so useful, it’s well worth using as a guest post in it’s own right…

I went and took a look at the on street parking figures today (attached). This is a bit more complex, since unless we know that all the streets are the same size, or we understand how the street sizes vary, then the mean, median and modal figures aren’t very helpful to us.

However, this dataset is more like a frequency distribution, so I’ve calculated standard deviation, and since both the old and new SD figures are the same, I’d say on street parking looks broadly revenue neutral for the Council.

I’ve had to estimated the value of a “visit” to South Hill Avenue at 12 hours, since I guess park up travel a couple of hours into London, work for the day and then travel a couple of hours back to your car seems like a pretty generous time for a “visit”. Plus a lump sum “visit” fee has to be lower than the equivalent old hourly rate at say Stanmore (station area) or Kodak.

Grouping by area (and I haven’t put too much of thought into this), the differential between off street charges and on street charges in the outlying Town Centre area might not be a wise move, since that’s going to where we really need to keep traffic flowing, not risking jams and pollution whilst people drive round looking for cheaper on street spaces.

The big hike in charges at Stanmore (station area) is presumably a sensible short term move considering the shortage of parking there – Though I’ve been hearing talk about plans to put in more parking spaces there for years, but nothing ever seems to come of it – So it could be too little too late.

Cuts to charges in Rayners Lane are probably sensible, given the state of the area, but then why not Wealdstone too?

Kodak visitors are going to get a surprise, as will anyone thinking about parking in Milton Road to visit the Civic Centre. Whilst someone in Woodlands Road must have really upset David Eaglesham.

Finally, do you know anything about changes to Greenhill Road, Kingshill Drive, Kenton Lane, Portland Crescent, Marsh Road or Grimsdyke Road off-street car parks? They were all missing from the list I found in the Harrow Times, and if I’d have had the data for them, I might have taken the previous analysis a bit further.

Gosh, I need to spend more time on Twitter and practise being more concise.


You can download Praxis’ Excel worksheet here, which shows the changes. Many thanks for providing the analysis.

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  1. j p hobbs

    Still no action from Lib/Lab/Tory on the legality of the Wealdstone Station stealth camera no warning signs on three approaches , I smell conspiracy . Sorry folks if I am boring you on this matter but I don’t want any of you to get caught , the people you voted for just don’t care . fines £60 To £110 ouch . I thought UKIP may act on this but so far not a lot . come on Jeremy .

  2. Peter T

    It seems to me that the track record of Harrow Council means that feedback is a pointless exercise -and the inconsistency of their charging is silly. Hillingdon employ staff with brains who stand up for their shopkeepers and residents. And, ignoring their excellent residents parking scheme that gets you a 50% parking discount, Hillingdon have a simple parking structure – 1st 30 minutes free. And that’s why I get my hair cut, go to the bank, chemist, Newsagent and spend my money in Eastcote rather than Rayners Lane or Pinner. Most of these simple tasks I can do inside 30 minutes and it’s more expensive to do simple shopping in Harrow and cheaper to go to Hillingdon. If I go to Pinner, I will return via M&S because they will pay my parking bill for me.
    I returned to shopping in North Harrow because of the one-hour free – but I’m sorry North Harrow and Rayners Lane shopkeepers – 20 minutes free doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s too close to call in the race with the traffic enforcement officer and the net result is that Harrow Council’s war on the motorist is driving my wallet and many other wallets and purses into a neighbouring borough.
    And I don’t feel good about that because of the impact that this has had on the shopping profile of Rayners Lane in general and the success of hard-working Harrow shop owners in particular.

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