Aug 08 2013

Harrow’s Parking Consultation – Lets have another go!

harrow_council_logo2Barely had we posted an article about the five-day consultation on parking that your local loving council had launched, then hey presto! It had been extended by a further week. It opened on August 1 at 14.08 at was originally set to close  on August 7 at midnight, which would have given you five clear days to read the documents, punt them through Excel so that you understand them, and then respond.

Five days?

So, today, when checking the website, we were surprised (and, just a touch pleased) to see that the council had either listened, or realised it had been caught with it’s pants down, and had extended the consultation by another week. Of course, those residents who saw the original date, realised they’d missed it, and now haven’t bothered to comment won’t know that it’s been extended…)

However, we’re not out of the woods yet: the website says the consultation end on August 7, the statutory consultation document says it ends on August 7 (screenshot below), so there’s probably a fairly high chance that any comments submitted after that date could simply be ignored as, after all, they were later than the date specified in the formal statutory consultation.




Maybe the council should have kept the calendars that @praxisreform sent them…

Solution? Scrap it and start again from afresh. Anything else simply leaves the council open to criticism and residents open to confusion.


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