Aug 09 2013

Harrow’s Parking Consultation – More porkies?

harrow_council_logo2Looks like our recent discovery (thanks, G!) about the five day parking consultation had spurred someone into action at the council. Barely had we posted that, then we posted an update saying it had mysteriously extended by another week. But now, things get weirder.

This just arrived:

Cllr Asad Omar, Harrow Council’s portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “Harrow Council is giving people more time to submit their online comments on proposals for new parking charges.  The consultation started on 17 July and was advertised in local media and by over 200 site notices across the borough. At the request of some Harrow residents, on 1 August the Council created a webpage so people could submit comments online. The Council remains satisfied that the consultation meets the statutory requirements but has extended the time for online submissions by a week in response to feedback. People will now have until 11.59pm on 14th August to submit their comments.”

Hold on just a second. “At the request of some Harrow residents, on 1 August the Council created a webpage so people could submit comments online,” he said. What, like just about every other bloody consultation that the council runs? So, there are 36 consultations online for just about everything else, yet the council doesn’t bother to offer the online option until ‘some Harrow residents’ asked for it? Here’s a screenshot showing when it really started…


And what is the nonsense about it starting on 17 July? The Traffic Order wasn’t made until the 18 July, so it can’t possibly have started earlier than that. Here’s a screen-shot of the Traffic Order:


Which reminds me, this probably isn’t a valid Traffic Order either. Why not?


Because it doesn’t have a legitimate name. “Amendment No. *” indeed. What’s happened, Dave?  And the Traffic Order is still showing the original closing date of August 7th as well.

Clearly the council has messed this one up in style. We’d call for them to abandon this sham of a consultation and start again, this time, doing it properly.

God know when this disaster of a consultation starts or stops, but try giving it a whirl here.



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