Nov 08 2015

Harrow’s Paul Najsarek Quits Bolton After Five Months; Heads South

harrow_council_logoPaul Najsarek, who kept the Chief Exec’s crapper warm during Michael “Lucky” Lockwood’s brief sojourn elsewhere, before himself heading north, has quit his role as Chief Exec of Bolton Council in a shock move on Friday, less than six months into the job.

Regular readers will recall that Mr Najsrek, who, we’re told, came second in the shortlisting for the role of Chief Exec of Harrow, left when Mr Lockwood, who apparently came third yet leapfrogged back into his old seat, resigned for a new role in the North West of the country.

The Bolton News reports that Bernadette Gallagher, branch secretary of Bolton Unison said she felt Mr Najsarek appeared to lack the passion required for such an important role. “It was not,” she said, “really a surprise to us, we never felt Mr Najsarek showed the level of interest in the council or the town that he should have done.”

Mr Najsarek faced a vote of no confidence from UNISON about his plans to set up a “Local Authority Trading Company” which would have lead to workers pay slashed by up to 40%.

Gallagher twisted the knife in her closing comments: “We are not going to weep over someone who does not like the North West.”

Bolton’s fine residents have voiced their thoughts here and here.





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    Did you expect anything else,I for one did not he would last.

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