Jul 20 2011

Harrow’s Planning Portal takes a week off

We wrote earlier this year about the problems that Harrow’s Planning Portal was having, and for a time, things seemed to improve. However, barely had we written that, then it’s all gone wrong again – this time, for about a week or so (we’ve got a picture, right).

Given that the Planning Portal is about the only way for residents to find out what’s being built near them, you’d think that a “best achieving council” award winner might have gotten around to fixing this  – “Harrow was named the Best Achieving Council in the UK at the prestigious MJ Awards in London last night (23rd June), which recognise outstanding performance in local government…” (their words, not ours!)

It’s also worth mentioning that Harrow Council is part way (or maybe, even completely) though a programme to outsource it’s IT operation (yes, computers, websites, email, planning portals, etc, etc). But that’s probably not related to this…


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