Feb 19 2013

Harrow’s Portfolio Holder Assistants – extras won’t cost a penny more


The Labour Administration is very disappointed that iHarrow has chosen to run an inaccurate story without checking the facts first. There is no additional money being spent on this scheme. Faced with savage cuts inflicted on the Council by an uncaring Coalition Government, Labour is working hard to protect vital services within the budget available. Changes to support for Portfolio Holders are about providing capacity and efficiency and is well within the financial envelope set aside for Special Responsibility Allowances. Where Labour is prudent, the Conservatives have been extravagant.

Leader of the Council, Thaya Idaikkadar, said: “It seems that Tory propaganda machine is desperate to score cheap political points and is devoid of maturity, accuracy and restraint in their comments and propaganda releases in recent months. This story is completely inaccurate.“

Contrary to the Tory Press Release, as stated at the Council’s public Cabinet meeting in response to Cllr Barry Macleod-Cullinane’s question, if a Portfolio Holder decides to take on an adviser, they would share their existing allowance with the adviser. It would come at no extra cost to the taxpayer – not even a penny. Unfortunately it is clear that he chose to conveniently ignore the facts or has not got the capacity to listen and understand.

The appointments of three additional Portfolio Assistants, are within the financial envelope for Members’ allowances. This is in stark contrast to the Tory administration of 2006-2010 when they had 14 Portfolio Assistants – a Harrow record!. The Labour Administration has shown restraint, been objective and sensible. The facts speak for themselves

Tory Portfolio Holder Assistants
2008/09 – 13
2009/10 – 14

Labour Portfolio Holder Assistants
2010/11 – 8
2011/12 – 6
2012/13 – 10

A Full Breakdown of Tory and Labour Portfolio Assistants/Cabinet Support Members attached.

Note: We’ve run this story in the interest of fairness. However, we’d point out that the Council’s Media Team have failed – on every single occasion – to provide comments or to respond to questions, and that the Council’s Freedom of Information Team have refused to respond to any more requests for information from iharrow.com.

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  1. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    Having read the now exceeedingly tedious Labour, Polly Parrot “it’s the cuts AAAWWWWWKKKK”, mantra yet again, I really do need to start populating a website I have owned for a few years.

    It fits in perfectly with the garbage being spouted, the obfusctaion, the lies, the propaganda, the general level of governance, low grade members of council, refusal to take responsibility and the holding of the public in complete contempt, blaming everyone and everything else, paid for with OUR money.

    Laydeeeezz and gennnnn’ermen, coming soon, http://www.ministryofbollocks.com

  2. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    Actually the Great Leader is technically correct, it won’t cost a penny, it is still £65,000 of OUR money wasted on keeping the minions in line, as opposed to looking after OUR PARKS.

    Funny also how quiet Labour have been over the FORTY THREE GRAND of OUR money being blown on the Labour Office and the Politburo’s creature comforts. can you imagine if there hadn’t been any “cuts”, crystal chandaliers, portraits of the Great Leader, yet more new carpet, perhaps an executive Leader’s Karzi and attending flunky, or would that be one of the “inner circle”, an new definition of “cabinet Assistant”?

    When is the name Hrrow being changed to Harare?? With Cllr Mugabe in charge and Cllr Polly “it’s the cuts, AAAWWWKKK” Parrot throwing money all over the shop, it can only be a matter of time

  3. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP


    It’s bad enough with Sachin Polly Parrot “it’s the cuts, AAWWWWWKKKK” Shah as the Fartpolio Holder. BBBWWWWWAAAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Priceless (and worthless too)

    I really MUST get that website up and running.
    You really couldn’t make it up

  4. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    How can we really believe the Great Leader when he saiys that it “won’t cost a penny more” when they are blowing the thick end of FORTY THREE GRAND on their own creature comforts in the Labour Office.

    It won’t cost “a penny more”. More likely several thousand, but it will be buried in the accounts, disguised and dressed up as “unspecified spending/savings” or “investment”, just like the last time.

    Meanwhile the tax-grab goes on to pay for their cronies, just like Uncle Bob did in Zimbabwe just prior to its spectacular collapse.

    Just to remind you that Great Leader Cllr Mugabe is supposedly a qualified accountant.

    I predict the swift departure of many senior and decent officers as they see the values of their CVs plummet as Harrow is flushed down the corrupt socialist crapper.

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