Sep 18 2014

Harrow’s PR Machine Cranks Up; Produces Bull

Harrow’s PR team, clearly feeling under pressure to start performing, have excelled themselves under Labour Dave’s leadership this week, if the double-page spread in the Harrow Times ia anything to go by.

Under the heading of “What the Council has done so far” we see this:


It’s worthy of closer analysis:


“We PROMISED to… …build more homes” – zero homes built so far. The Grange Estate is is probably in much the same state that it was handed over to them from the Conservative administration all those months ago.

“The council WILL ALSO BE looking… housing crisis” – so they’ve not actually looked at tackling long-term causes of the housing crisis.

“WE WILL tackle those who seek to exploit…” – so they’ve not actually got around to tackle that problem.


They say that the provided a period of free parking, but this was something started by the previous Conservative administration, not Dave’s Labour.To be fair, some of the district shopping areas have had 20-minute free ticket machines put in place under Dave, but that schedule was announced by the Conservatives. Offstreet parking, of course, remains untouched (and expensive still).


They say they’ve invested an extra £1,000,000 to tackle domestic violence, support carers and stand up for those in need, yet have only found £200,000 so far. However, there are no guarantees tat this won’t be scrapped, and we have to wonder what this promise means: Gareth Thomas, the Labour MP for Harrow West also promised us a brand new hospital, which failed to materialise. Id this promise any more dependable than Gareth’s pre-election one?


Again, not yet delivered. And although it’s close, again it’s an initiative developed under the Conservative administration months ago.


Well, ten people – out of a target of 500 – is a start. That’s only 490 to go.That’s an average of 2.5 people placed per month, which means – through crude extrapolation – it’ll take about 16 years to reach that target.

But what else have they done? They suggested closing Harrow Museum and flogging the Harrow Arts Centre (and that’s likely to end up as housing, if current rumours are correct). They’re considering charging for waste collection, turning parks and playing fields into abandoned fields by cancelling the grass cutting. They’re dreaming of removing street lighting, cancelling community festivals and stopping street cleaning. And there’s much more, including spending £1,000,000 on a new Chief Executive. But of course, telling residents about those isn’t likely to win any friends when it comes to signing a new £3m PR contract, right?


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  1. mike mcfadden

    Talk is cheap as we all know but add spin and sound bites is just lying again and again in different colours. Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell made lying an acceptable art form or so the thought until the people woke-up and wised-up. When you lie you also have to cheat or steal to cover your tracks. “Oh what a web we weave when we first start to deceive.” Any wonder Britain is in such a mess!!!!!!! The Heir-to-Blair has not been much better. Where will it end?

  2. Rupika Dave

    its not often that Harrow Council puts a smile on my face. This has made me laugh out loud. What a joke and to think they all get paid a salary out of my hard earned taxes. Useless jobsworths who have made lying the acceptable face of local politics.

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