Dec 08 2011

Harrow’s Primary School Expansion Programme – update

Late last night, Harrow Council published the agenda pack for December’s Council Cabinet meeting, at which the recommendations for Primary School Expansion will be put forward to Cainet.

The schools currently selected for the next stage of permanent expansion (which will be statutory consultation with local residents, parents, community groups, etc.) are:

  • Camrose Primary School with Nursery
  • Cedars Manor School
  • Glebe Primary School
  • Marlborough Primary School
  • Pinner Park Infant and Nursery School
  • Pinner Park Junior School
  • Stanburn First School
  • Stanburn Junior School
  • Vaughan Primary School
  • Welldon Park Infant and Nursery School
  • Welldon Park Junior School

Each of these have different dates as to when they will either take on a bulge class (ie: a one-off extra entry form) or when they will permanently expand (by one additional entry form for that year onwards).

There are currently 2550 permanent reception places across the borough, and current predctions show a need for 2851 in September 2017 – an additional ten forms over and above that which we have currently.  And, of course, this will ‘ripple’ up through the school, so an infant school which moves from two-form entry to three-form entry will, within three year, increase from a total of six forms (two in each of reception, and years one and two) to nine – an increase in pupil numbers by an additional 50%.

Each of the schools attracted varying numbers of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ votes in the consultation which was kept fairly low-key by the schools and Harrow council… with the exception of Belmont School, which attracted very high responses – against any expansion. You can read the exact scores and comments for each of the schools below by clickon on each link, along with officers’ comments.

More details, and all the documents, can be found on Harrow Council’s website, hidden away here. Scroll all the way down to agenda item 19.

Source: Harrow Council

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