Jan 06 2015

Harrow’s Proposed Garden Waste Charges – Details

harrow_council_logoThe council currently delivers a weekly combined garden / food waste collection as a part of our kerbside collection service for no charge. This is funded through council tax payments so even people who do not have a garden contribute towards the cost. The waste services team are responsible for providing collections to 89,000 properties in the borough. Harrow operates a three bin system to 73,000 of those properties. Blue bin for dry recyclables, Brown bin for organic waste and Grey/Green for all residual waste.

The proposal is to alter the current garden waste recycling collection to a chargeable service. The introduction of charges for garden waste collections will enable protecting of key front line services such as social care. A number of Boroughs currently charge for this service and it is expected that more will follow in the near future etc

The new proposal will change the brown (organic waste) bin system to a separate free collection of food waste and a charged collection for garden waste.

Food Waste

Your food waste will still be collected free of charge. However, the current brown 240ltr bin will no longer be used to collect food waste. Each household which currently has wheelie bins will be provided with a kitchen caddy and new 23 litre food waste bin, which will be emptied weekly.

Garden Waste

Garden waste will be collected fortnightly on a chargeable basis. Households that subscribe to the service will receive 25 collections per year using the current 240ltr brown bin at a price of £75 per year, which equates to £3 per collection.

Concessionary rates are provided to residents on means tested benefits as follows:

  • Residents of working age £25 (1/3 of the full price)
  • Residents with disability £10
  • Pensioners Free
  • Examples of Means tested benefits include :

For the start of the scheme the council are offering an introductory offer – £75 to cover the period between 1st Oct 15 and 31st Mar 17.

What if I don’t want to pay for the new service?

You can continue to dispose of your garden waste recycling by taking it to the Civic Amenity site or composting it at home. Disposing of garden waste within the Green / Grey ordinary household rubbish is not permitted.

What if I want to compost my garden waste?

Home compost is easy to make and provides one of the best quality soil conditioners that you can put on your garden and it’s free! It’s a great way to make use of your garden and kitchen waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings.

Harrow Council is pleased to be able to offer, in partnership with getcomposting.com, compost bins in various sizes at reduced prices to Harrow residents. You can order a compost bin on our the council’s website here: http://www.harrow.gov.uk/info/200084/recycling_rubbish_and_waste/342/home_composting

What do I do with my old brown bin if I do not want the new service?

The council can take it away or you can drop it off at the Civic Amenity site.Please bear in mind if you want to use the scheme later there will be a charge to re deliver.

Can I burn garden waste?

It is an offence to create a statutory nuisance by lighting a bonfire.

What can I wrap my food waste in?

With the new system you can wrap your food waste in newspaper or any corn starch bag.

What are the advantages of the new service?

We will collect your garden waste for you and compost it. You will receive 25 collections a year for an equivalent cost of £3.00 per collection. You will retain your 240 litre brown wheelie bin and you will not have to take your green waste to the local Civic Amenity Site.

Why isn’t the fee included as part of the Council Tax?

The collection of garden waste recycling is not a statutory service and not all households have a garden – so only those who want the service will be required to pay for it.

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  1. Gary Roberts

    I really can’t understand Harrow Council sometimes. For years they have been telling us to recycle, now they are going to charge us for doing it. Not everybody can afford £75 a year, or has access to a car to take it down the tip. & how much is it going to cost to supply each home with a kitchen caddy & 23 litre food bin.?
    I feel really sorry for the binmen when the scheme comes into operation. Imagine the strain it will put on their backs having to bend down each week to pick up 1000’s of food bins. A 23 litre bin full of food waste is going to weigh a considerable amount.

  2. Someonewhocares

    Yes it does seem very short-sighted indeed.

    Inevitably many more residents will compost waste instead, and so the rats will multiply.

    Then the Council will be able to charge us £120 a time to resolve this
    (or maybe that’s their actual plan?)

  3. Jayanta

    And how is the council planning to finance the purchase of the new kitchen caddies and waste bins ??

  4. old harrovian

    The blue bin is collected every 2 weeks , yet nov — -feb the brown bin is collected evry week when there is no garden waste.
    maybe the brown bin should be every 2 weeks Those who have gardens could return to the compost heap and lose the brown bin. If you go tO harefield you will see fields OF garden waste .

  5. Geoff_H

    Living right on the edge of the borough, refuse collection is about the only council service that I actually use. I don’t mind paying for schools, libraries, etc in my Council Tax because I have used them (for my kids) in the past, but I resent having to pay extra for pretty much the only service that I actually use anymore. And it’s not £3.00 per week as the council maintain – I only require about 6-8 collections of garden refuse during the summer months – so effectively that’s around £10 each, which is more than 3 times the price! the more the Council charge for recycling and waste disposal, the more fly tipping will occur – with the consequent expense of clearance. Madness.

  6. anon

    I`m lucky to produce enough organic waste anyways living on my and when I do put the organic bin out they dont collect it. Why should I have to pay for another service that should be covered until Council Tax which I already pay.

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