Mar 21 2013

Harrow’s roads 21 times safer than the City of London

car_crashOn the day after a report was published saying that Harrow had one of the slowest rush-hour  roads in the country,  the Telegraph has published a story saying that the borough has one of the best road-safety records, with just under 18 casualties per 10,000 residents – which compares to over 370 per 10,000 residents in the City.

Of course, it’s not that clean-cut: the City has far fewer residents and a far higher daytime population than Harrow, so the results needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Nonetheless, it didn’t stop Cllr Phil O’Dell putting down his paper to give a quote: “We run regular awareness campaigns…” he said. “Our team also carry out regular analysis of roads and junctions, and work quickly to implement necessary measures such as traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and any speed restrictions that will help to keep road users safe.”

South Harrow appears to be worst area for traffic accidents in the borough, particularly around the Northolt Road area and the Roxeth Green Avenue junction (which is still awaiting the installation of a new, safer junction).

It is worth pointing out that the figures are from 2011, the latest available, but you can see a map of Harrow’s accidents here.


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