Jan 30 2013

Harrow’s School Children Quit for Home Education Instead

harrow_council_logo2Home Education for children has always been around, with some parents electing to take their child out of mainstream schools and home-school them, indeed, all parents have the right to home-school children, although you do need to make sure you local Council knows about it. There are thought to be around 180,000 children currently home-schooled across England.

But how many children are taken out of Harrow’s schools to be taught at home? A Freedom of Information Act  request to the Council has shown that over the last few years some parents are still electing to take children out of school to home educate them, although there’s no indication (and we can’t ask) as to where they go from there. The figures that Harrow Council provided are here:

           Elective Home
Year       Education    
2006/2007  103
2007/2008  40
2008/2009  97
2009/2010  18
2010/2011  21
2011/2012  14

We’d be interested to know why parents do this – are Harrow’s schools not up to scratch, despite what the press releases say?

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