Jan 28 2013

Harrow’s Schools Do (Mostly) Well with GCSE Figures

harrow_council_logo2Harrow Council has issued a press-release today trumpeting the great results that some of its school have achieved, with 83.8% of year 11 pupils achieving five or more A*-C grades (81% in 2011). As always, the devil is in the detail.

What they haven’t mentioned is that some schools seem be be doing less well, and although almost 64% of Harrow students achieved the national benchmark of 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths GCSEs, some – including Harrow High School have seen their grades plummet since last year.

According to information from the Department of Education, Harrow High’s grading has dropped from 43% last year, to 38% this, although its an improvement over the 31% it achieved in 2010.

Harrow Council Portfolio Holder for Children and Families Cllr Mitzi Green said: “It is good to see Harrow ‘s schools yet again up there as some of the best in the country.” However, there was no mention about those that are doing less well, nor how the council will be addressing the problem. We don’t think that lower scoring schools are necessarily a bad thing, and there are many factors which give cause to that, but to apparently ignore those figures possibly isn’t the way to help them.

The full press-release can be seen here.


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