Nov 03 2013

Has Cllr David Gawn Now Joined Independent Labour?

david_gawnHarrow’s Independent Labour Group have put together a website and added a few pictures, one of which raised a few eyebrows when it was spotted this morning.

One of the ‘community members supporting Independent Labour Group’ shown is none other than our old friend, and convicted criminal, Cllr David Gawn. Now, of course, this could simply be that he’s chosen to jump on the publicity bandwagon, or it could be that he’s about to join the group, having been drummed out of the Labour Group itself around the time of his multiple court appearances a while back.

In an iharrow.com reader poll, 96% of respondents thought he should resign as a councillor following his conviction.

We’ve got an enquiry in with both Cllr Gawn himself, as well as Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, leader of Independent Labour Group, to see what the story is, and we’ll update this article when we hear back. The photo is below, showing Gawn on the far right.


Thanks to our anonymous reader for the tip off – you know who you are!

Footnote: Our email to Gawn was met with this automatic reply: “I am currently unable to access my emails at present. I will be able to respond to any queries on Wednesday 9th October 2013.”

Updated at 13.43 on 05.11.2013. ILG have now provided the following statement:

The picture was taken on 7 September 2013 when the community was invited by Independent Labour to give comments on the draft manifesto. Independent Labour is an inclusive Party and welcomes participation and engagement from all sections of the Community. Everyone should have a voice.

Councillor David Gawn was one of those who attended the manifesto conference. We welcome his participation as a local resident.

At a critical juncture in local politics, the article comes across as distasteful smear journalism. It is important to check facts and give Independent Labour time to comment before publishing this misleading article which seems to show the unacceptable face of partisan journalism.

Cllr David Gawn has not applied to join Independent Labour. Independent Labour will very carefully consider his application should he apply in future.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    OMG Is he going out campaigning for Independent Labour in the Harrow on the Hill by-election? They need the support of a convicted fraudster like they need a hole in the head. I suggest anyone who opens the door to him asks if he is still claiming his councillor allowance.

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