Jul 07 2013

HCRJ: Labour has a lot to answer!

random_space_fillerGuest post from the Harrow Council for Justice.

A long-standing Labour Party activist Dr Pravin Shah has resigned from the Party claiming discrimination and anticipated victimisation. Dr Shah’s in an open letter to Mr Jackson, the Labour Party’s head of membership, said:

Thank you for your letter of 21st June 2013. It seems that you or the Labour Party has not followed what has happened in Harrow. I have been a long standing member with a lot of experience in campaigning as well as being a Labour councillor in Harrow some years ago.

I do not accept to be victimised for my views or my attachment to any pressure groups. Nor will I accept any sort of discrimination which I strongly feel Harrow Labour Group and CLPs (constituency Labour Party) have carried out.

I strongly believe that the Labour Party has not acted in a proper manner by not investigating what happened in the Harrow Labour Party, the Harrow Labour Group and the Harrow local campaign forum”.

Dr Shah says that he now intends to contest council elections next year as a part of independent candidates from the Greenhill ward.

Harrow: Labour has a lot to answer!

Why Councillor David Perry, re-elected in 2010, challenged his Group leader Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar, ‘Britain’s first Sri Lankan council leader’, who was elected leader of the Labour Group a mere 5 months ago at the time?

Why nine BME Councillors (including three past Harrow Mayors) initially left the Harrow Labour Group after the leadership challenge at the recent Labour Group AGM and had to form the Independent Labour Group with Councillor Idaikkadar as their leader?

Why BBC reported, “Harrow Council left with no party in control amid racism row”?

What role the London Assembly member Councillor Navin Shah played in the leadership challenge?

Why the Harrow’s only African Labour Councillor Cllr Nana Asante, Deputy Mayor, was unconventionally challenged for the Mayor’s position by Cllr Rekha Shah, wife of Cllr Navin Shah, at the recent Labour Group’s AGM?

Why the Labour Group demonstrated disrespect to the Harrow Mayor Cllr Asante (a member of the Independent Labour Group) at the mayor-making ceremonial Council in May?

Why the Labour Group was missing from the well attended Harrow Civic Service at St Mary Church this year – a prominent civic event in the Harrow Mayor’s calendar?

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  1. Peter Hamill on Facebook

    HCRJ? A load of jumped up pseudo nonsense by people who are so lily livered they don’t even identify thier non-democratic selves. Best ignored.

  2. ricky123

    Peter Hamill who are you to tell peole to ignore it, you may but a lot of people dont ignore it and want answers.

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