Jan 16 2014

Headstone North Ward Councillors Announce Broadfields Surgery

meeting-150x150Dear Editor,

We are both alarmed and disappointed that the proposal to develop Broadfields in Headstone Lane into a caravan and camping site has been re-submitted to the Council by the original applicant. At first glance, the proposals do not appear to have changed very much from those which caused so much concern and consternation last time around.

Though the new application comes with reports which suggest it would not cause environmental damage or certain traffic problems – certain facts remain. The Broadfields site is on protected green belt land, and a development of this nature would be both utterly inappropriate and out of keeping with the surrounding area. It will amongst other things also increase noise, lead to more traffic in narrow roads, and take away a treasured playing field site.

We worked closely with residents on fighting this development last year, and would encourage any who share our sizeable concerns to get in touch with us this time around, too. We are holding a surgery from 11am on Saturday 18th January at North Harrow library which is open to all Headstone North residents, and provide our contact information below for those who prefer to call or e-mail.


Cllr. Janet Mote (020 8868 9315 / janet.mote@btconnect.com)

Cllr. Anthony Seymour (07956 604216 / ahseymour50@hotmail.co.uk)

Headstone North Ward (Conservatives)

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