Jun 12 2014

Headteacher of Whitchurch First School Suspended

harrow_council_logoFollowing the conclusion of an internal audit report, Harrow Council and the governing body of Whitchurch First School & Nursery have agreed to launch an independent investigation into management and financial practices at the school.

While the investigation is being carried out, the Head Teacher of Whitchurch First School Anne Winstrom has been suspended from duty. In addition, the Council is now consulting with the governing body about setting up a new Interim Executive Board which will temporarily take over the governing of the school. These steps are being taken to preserve the impartiality of the investigation.

Michael Baxter will take over as Interim Head Teacher for the remainder of the summer term. Mr Baxter has 30 years experience in primary and infant education, including a decade as a head teacher and inspector. Formerly Regional Director for the Foundation Stage, he most recently has worked as Education Professional Lead for Harrow Council.

Chris Spencer, Harrow Council’s Corporate Director for Children & Families, said: “We expect to conclude the independent investigation swiftly, and it is important to stress there will be no disruption to children or the outstanding education that they receive at Whitchurch.”

Readers will remember that Mrs Winstrom had previously accused the Council of “keeping them in the dark” and that they were misled by Council officers in the run up to the Whitchurch Consortium issues last year. That’s probably just a coincidence.


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  1. MysticMeg

    oh does that mean that like the former head of another school in Harrow Weald , this one will also be paid off and made to go away with a good reference? Hmmm. all these investigations come to nothing because it is nigh on impossible to sack a head teacher in Harrow, irrespective of whatever they have done. They tend to mysteriously retire overnight. Watch this space folks….There will never be a conclusion to the so called investigation. We have been here before.

    1. Honest and Open

      How right you are! These are public sector workers who get paid by the taxpayer and yet we get treated like idiots every time! The unions are probably involved already, negotiations started and if not allowed to return to the school, a big pay off and a signed confidentiality agreement……..bobs your flippin uncle! A disgrace!!!!!!!!!

  2. Michael Condon

    It is a great mistake to remove the governing body.They have overseen the success of the school and are a stabilising factor in preventing the educational standards from free-falling which happened elsewhere.A new governing body composed of Spencer nominees and yes-men would be a disaster.They would be partial to whatever Spenser tells them.The governing body have agreed to the audit. Why are they being punished?Harrow Council Director of finance is culpable if there is faulty school accounting. He is ultimately responsible..Also the timing stinks. The first meeting of the new Harrow Council is not until 6.30 tonight.
    How convenient for Spencer..The inexperienced, (as a successful head ).Mr Baxter could do quite a lot of damage in the remaining few weeks of term.

  3. anon

    Its all gone very quiet. Outrageous. What has the board of governors got to say for themselves?

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