Mar 04 2014

Healthy workforce makes for a healthy business, Harrow employers hear

harrow_council_logoEmployers from businesses, colleges and community organisations found out more about how to make their workforce healthier and happier at the launch of a new Harrow Council-run scheme.

Councillors and community leaders were also among those who found out more about the London Healthy Workplace Charter at Harrow College on Wednesday last week.

The Charter helps employers to improve their health and safety information, host stop smoking sessions, provide information on alcohol and substance misuse and hold activities designed to improve physical fitness and mental health and well-being.

When employers sign-up, they go through a process of self-assessment and can achieve three levels of qualification, which, as well as boosting the health of their employees, could also boost their profile as an employer and save them money.

At the launch, there were sessions on:

  • How to make savings by having a healthier workforce
  • How to make takeaway meals healthier and attract new customers
  • Making savings by reducing food waste and what support the GLA can offer businesses

The London Healthy Workplace Charter, which is co-ordinated by the Greater London Assembly (GLA), began as a pilot in the capital in 2012. It follows research that shows that on average, a London firm of 250 employees loses around £4,800 per week due to sickness absence.

As well as help with the self-assessment process, businesses will also be referred to other services which can help them and will get advice from Harrow Council and voluntary sector consortium Healthwatch Harrow on how they can make their workplace healthier.

Harrow Council Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing Cllr Simon Williams said: “Healthy employees often make for a happy workplace and businesses can play their part in boosting the wellbeing of their staff. Signing up to the charter is easy, and employers will get invaluable information that – as well as making their staff healthier – could also make them more appealing to job seekers and their customers.”


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