Jul 24 2013

Hill Councillor Welcomes McDonald’s Litter Agreement

SONY DSCCllr. Simon Williams, a Conservative Harrow on the Hill councilor, has welcomed an agreement from McDonald’s on Shaftesbury Circle that it will work harder to keep the area tidier and minimise the amount of litter. McDonald’s agreed to increase the number of bins available on Shaftesbury Circle at a Licensing Panel hearing last night (22 July). The Panel met at a public hearing following resident’s concerns about the amount of litter on andaround the streets of Shaftesbury Circle, with McDonald’s applying to open the drive-thru until midnight.

McDonald’s was granted the extension to open later, subject to the bins in the car park being emptied at night before the extra hour. McDonald’s made promises to review the number of bins within its boundary and consider sponsoring others on the Circle.

Cllr. Williams said: “Because of Labour’s cuts to these services, we’re all seeing the effects of fewer street cleaners and less frequent road sweeping and litter picking by the Council. Shaftesbury Circle can get very busy and the amount of litter is unacceptable. We all have a role to play in keeping our neighbourhoods clean and tidy and I am pleased that McDonald’s will play its part.”

Cllr. Williams is helping to co-ordinate efforts with other businesses on Shaftesbury Circle to control litter and help keep the area cleaner. He  added: “Clearly the Council has significant responsibilities to residents and businesses and many people feel let down when they see how filthy Harrow is becoming. By working together, we can at least try our best to make things better.”

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  1. Susan Hall

    Harrow residents should brace themselves because litter problems are set to get much worse. The amount of money that Labour have removed from our street cleaning service is nothing short of scandalous, how the department is coping in any way I am not sure. We all suffer when our streets are filthy and of course our parks are no longer going to be locked and neither are our graveyards which will undoubtedly lead to increased anti social behaviour. I despair Harrow residents deserve (and are paying for) so much better. Well done Cllr Simon Williams for doing all you can to help residents of Harrow on the Hill

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