Sep 28 2011

Hot School Meals Coming Soon to Welldon Park Junior School

Welldon Park Junior School have announced that they will start offering hot school meals from November 14. Parents will have to pay, in advance via the online ParentPay system, and there’s no indication – at least, in the information we have – that the school will accept cash payments.

Hot School Meals are a welcomed improvement – more than anything else, it enhances social inclusion for those children who are entitled to free school meals, but choose not to, in order that they are aren’t seen to be the “odd one out” – at least with ParentPay (ignoring its downsides), payment or benefits are transparent to the school community at large.

ParentPay have around 80% of the online school payment market with almost 3000 schools, and offer integration with point of sale systems, so you can see your child’s purchase history, if the school chooses to implement that aspect of it. It’s also possible for all payments to the school to use the Parentpay system (school trips, music lessons, etc), although as there is obviously a cost – to the school – of using ParentPay, it remains to be seen who will end up footing the bill for that.

Once the school provides more information, we’ll post it here.

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