May 16 2012

Housing Changes in Harrow

Following Harrow Council’s consultation in the summer 2011, Cabinet has agreed a way forward for the development of all housing strategies. They’ve have analysed your feedback and the evidence base and developed draft strategies for consultation. The first consultation in 2012 is the tenancy strategy.

As part of the consultation, please complete the tenancy strategy survey by clicking here. Your views will be used to finalise the strategy, to be completed by Cabinet in July 2012.

The council faces a new range of challenges as a result of government plans to change the way affordable homes are developed, let and managed, and is asking residents if they can choose together how we make these changes in Harrow. How and what is changed will have implications for the type of affordable housing we have in Harrow in the future, who lives in it and for how long.

There are also changes to welfare benefits and this will affect people who live both in affordable housing (renting from the council or a housing association) and private rented housing. Benefit changes may mean tenants will have to move to find housing they can afford.

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Source: Harrow Council

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