Jan 26 2013

How much did Harrow waste on its failed Fairtrade Accreditation?

cllr_nana_adanteFairtrade Accrediation for Harrow was Cllr Nana Asante’s pet project a year or so ago – so much so, that she was out and about schmoozing local business groups to try and get their buy in for it.  I don’t recall much of what was said – it wasn’t that riveting – when I met her, but it was something along the lines of getting a certain percentage of business accredited, which meant the borough as a whole gained accreditation.

However, all went quiet. Very quiet. So we followed up with a Freedom of Information Act request to see how much she’d wasted on it.

Harrow Council told us – nearly a month later than they should have done –  they’d spent more than £30,000 on Cllr Asante’s pet project. So we asked her what had happened, where she’d failed and whether she’d be going back for a second bite at the (very expensive) cherry.

No answer.

It has to be said, we’re not surprised. We had a front-row seat to Cllr Asante’s last bout of rudeness, when dismissing a resident who’d asked a simple question at a meeting last year. Still, we’ve emailed her again, copying the Great Leader, again, to see if we can get a reply out of her. We’ll update this post if we ever hear anything.

Footnote: This is the same Cllr Nana Asante (who is currently Deputy Mayor, by the way) who wanted, in 2010,  to throw more residents’ money down the drain by racking up a whole raft of Twin Towns. As if one twinning wasn’t enough, perhaps Cllr Asante fancied a trip over to Somaliland – her proposed twin.

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  1. Praxis Reform

    I imagine there’s a certain handicap with Cllr. Keith Ferry trying to drive all the shops out of Harrow. But, £30,574??? Did they hire a full time member of staff or something? Surely it can’t cost that much to get Cllr. Asante to read through Fairtrade’s bumf, print a few leaflets and posters, etc. then give a handful of presentation’s on the benefits of accreditation to local businesses.

    I think Harrow should give its tax payers a breakdown of how these costs were racked up.

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