Oct 24 2015

How to rip the heart out of Wealdstone…


  • “Harrow Council has created a masterplan which maps out the future growth and development of Harrow and Wealdstone town centres..” source here.
  • “The masterplan aims to bring millions of pounds of new investment into the area including new businesses, building new homes and delivering the infrastructure needed, from parks, transport and leisure…” source here.
  • “Our parking policies have been designed to maximise the number of visitors to our shopping centres…” source here (page 8).

So it plans to demolish Wealdstone’s biggest car park, driving away (pun not intended) shoppers and visitors in the process, to build a new Civic Centre for itself.

The amount of parking available to shoppers in Wealdstone will be massively reduced as a result of plans to move the Civic Centre to the area. Harrow Council’s Labour administration pushed the proposal through last month as part of their regeneration plans, but analysis done by the opposition Conservative Group suggests that shoppers and local businesses may lose out with fewer parking options available.

The proposal includes demolishing the Peel House multi-storey car park, losing 257 parking spaces. Other nearby car parks include the current Civic Centre site (with 84 spaces), but these will likely be lost too – with new housing earmarked for the site – and the small 27-space car park in Palmerston Road. The only other major car park in the area at Harrow Leisure Centre (439 spaces), but at over half a mile away from Peel House and often filled with customers using the Centre, this will be unlikely to tempt or provide a solution for frustrated shoppers. Other small car parks nearby, owned either privately or by the Council’s Housing Department, are also not an option for visitors to Wealdstone. Therefore, with only 110 on-street car parking spaces in the area, these plans will result in a reduction of 60-70% in the number of accessible pay-and-display car parking spaces available to Wealdstone shoppers.

wealdstone_car_parksThe Conservative Group has started a petition, both online and in paper form, to gather signatures from those worried about these plans. As well as car parking spaces being lost, important community assets are also set to be closed and/or demolished – making Wealdstone’s task of attracting trade harder still.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr. Susan Hall said: “Quite why Labour think the best way to regenerate Wealdstone is to remove the majority of the parking and two of the major local features that people flock to the area to visit is beyond me.”

If you’re worried about the proposals for Wealdstone, you can sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/harrow-council-don-t-force-communities-out-of-wealdstone

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Please sign the petition cited above and help put a stop to these ill-advised plans which will definitely NOT be in the interests of our local communities or local businesses.We must stop hiding our heads in the sand and think that benefits will accrue from demolishing a perfectly good,widely-used car park and threatening the closure of important cultural facilities which are extensively used by our local public.The Hindu community will be hard hit if parking is taken away from Peel Road,and also their place of worship and entertainment (Banqueting Centre)are flattened out!This is not what one expects in a democracy like ours where we all have equal rights.

    It MUST be stopped and new plans with FULL support from local community members sought in the proper,democratic way.The WHOLE community will find business decimated and locals unable to park if these plans are allowed fruition.

    Many more campaigners must get on board to stop the rot!The implications of the present ones are too damaging to envisage.Please don’t sit around.Contact your local MP,Bob Blackman for Harrow East and get him to lobby in Parliament.

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