Feb 15 2014

How To Win Friends and Influence People – M&W Independents

It looks like Marlborough and Wealdstone Independents, having launched their website only a week ago, have now stumbled onto Twitter, and kicked off a squabble there, by picking on (currently) Leader of the ILG, Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, and, (of course) Leader of the Conservatives,  Leader Susan Hall. You can follow the action, before it’s deleted, here: @pravinshah1

We’ve got a couple of snippets:

pravin_6 pravin_5 pravin_4 pravin_3 pravin_2Remember, folks: these are the guys standing as Councillors in Wealdstone in a few months time. Wouldn’t most residents rather have councillors who fought for them, rather than fighting each other?


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  1. Mr T Mills

    What is the significance of the term “muslim Councillor”.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    I suggest you click on the Husaingate link provided above and then click on all the posts relating to Husain. The item entitled “Douchebag” will show you why the word muslim is relevant in this particular case.

    I quote from the article “It’s a first for Husain (or the HCJ) to pick on a fellow Muslim: their targets have traditionally been white councillors”

    Wonder if Husain Akhtar will be wearing his speedos to campaign in Wealdstone given his interest in swimwear.

  3. sonoo malkani

    Very sad and sorry state of affairs.One that Harrow could definitely do without.We need some CIVILITY shown.Hope ALL our leaders and those in charge of our affairs remember how important it is for them to set a good example for the peoples of Harrow and not spend the best part of their time bickering bitterly.It is so frustrating to watch.PLEASE—–CALM DOWN!!

    Attack the numerous issues we face,not each other.We need solutions to the problems we are all up against,not a long-running Saga of pot shots being fired at each other which serve no useful purpose except to raise tempers and incite even more abuse.We are fast becoming the laughing stock of London.Please let us not let Harrow down.

    It’s a very humble request which I hope will resonate with many.God give us the wisdom!

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