Dec 09 2017

Hujjat Primary School – a new school for Harrow

Imagine a school where:

  • every corner is buzzing with creativity, positivity and a passion for learning
  • children smile when they greet you because they know it’ll brighten your day
  • everyone is shown the same respect whether they are the caretaker or the head teacher
  • honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of school life, and generosity and charity are second nature
  • every child aspires to academic excellence and achieving their full potential

This is the vision behind Hujjat Primary School, a beacon of quality education, inclusivity and harmony in Harrow.

According to Harrow Council, the Department for Education have approved the application from Hujjat Primary School and it is planned to open in the borough in 2019/2020, possibly utilising the Austen Building, which was part of Harrow College until the building was sold in January 2016 to The Goodman Group for £3.875 million. The Goodman Group, having owned the property for just over a year, were reported in Match 2017 as look to sell.

The council notes that the school will have a “wide ranging in-take across Harrow and surrounding areas.”

The school’s website is under development, but you can sign up for updates there as things progress.

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