Oct 01 2013

Hundreds sign up to save money on energy bills – but better deals elsewhere

light_bulbAlmost 250 residents have already signed up for the next round of Harrow Council’s Big Energy Switch campaign to help residents find out how much they could save on their gas and electricity bills.

Over the last week, residents took advantage of the drop in sessions that were held around Harrow to help residents who were unsure, wanted more information or needed help signing up.

Mr Clark, 67, from South Harrow who attended the drop in session at Civic Centre and said: “I found out about the scheme when I was visiting the council. I asked what it was about, and the staff provided insightful advice and how much I could save on my bills. Anything to save money is good and I look forward to seeing how much I could save.”

Mr Rajnikant Shah, 60, from Harrow Weald said: “I pay a lot for my energy bills and I want to find the best deal possible. I think this is a good scheme I registered before and didn’t get a good deal, so I thought I would try again as I’m not losing out on anything. I hope to make savings this time round.”

Jackie Rodda, 56, from Harrow Weald said: “I found out about the drop in session in the local paper. It is the first time I am signing up and I think it’s a good idea as too many people are being ripped off by energy companies. Every year the energy prices are going up, so I want to make savings.”

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]…residents are better off ignoring the Big London Energy Switch scheme, at least, until they’ve done their homework elsewhere.[/pullquote]Councillor Susan Hall, Leader of the council and cabinet member for community safety and environment said: “I am extremely pleased to hear that residents are taking a huge interest in the Big Energy Switch, a scheme which we are supporting to help everyone in the borough get the best possible deal on their gas and electricity bills. A deal that is fair for all residents in Harrow. Previous rounds of the Big Energy Switch have shown how well it has benefited the community with lots of people making savings on the energy bills. So if you haven’t already, I urge you to take part.”

Those still interested in registering in the Big Energy switch can do so by visiting www.biglondonenergyswitch.org.uk. You now have until November 18 to register. An online auction will then take place where energy providers will be invited to offer their cheapest tariffs to everyone who has registered. The more people who register, the better the deal will be.

Almost 2500 residents signed up to the two previous energy switch auctions which took place in April and June this year. Over 30,000 people across London signed up to the two switches. The average saving for both auctions was over £100.

iharrow.com did some analysis of a previous Energy Switch campaign, and found that it wasn’t as good as you might be led to believe, with a better offer available elsewhere. We said:

“…it would seem that residents are better off ignoring the Big London Energy Switch scheme, at least, until they’ve done their homework elsewhere. You can just re-use the same figures – and the Big London Energy Switch website will tell you what you entered – to get a comparable comparison… …what it doesn’t say is that you may be able to do so much better elsewhere!”

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