Aug 01 2013

Husain Akhtar not involved in the work of HCJ… Really?

husain_akhtarThe sole output from the Harrow Council for Justice – or Cllr Husain Akhtar, if you subscribe to that school of thought – lately seems to be a stream of denials that Husain is involved in the the shady organisation at all, and hasn’t been so since 2010.


Let’s examine the denial:

“I left the HCJ in 2010 because of possible conflict of interest and am not involved with the work of the HCJ. ” – Source: Email from Akhtar, 28.07.2013

The HCJ sent out regular ‘newsletters’ – often filled with vitriolic hate. Targets so far have included Cllr Susan Hall, Cllr Victoria Silver and now, for no reason at all, Cllr Zarina Khalid. Surely, Akhtar wouldn’t be so insane as to be involved with that, would he?

The most recent newsletter from the HCJ which was emailed out contained an amount of ‘header’ information which shows the route that an email takes between it’s point of origin and point of delivery. Interesting, a personal email from Akhtar contained identical information, which would suggest quite strongly that the two emails shared the same point of origin:

Personal email:

Received: from Naj ([])

HCJ Newsletter

Received: from Naj (cpc13-finc14-2-0-cust13.4-2.cable.virginmedia.com [])

The bold parts of those two lines indicate the IP address that the message originated from; it’s fairly certain – beyond the balance of probability, as they say – that they came from the same computer. This claim has not been denied by Akhtar; in fact, he says that it is his “…long established practice to allow the community groups with limited resources to use my personal electronic office resources where needed.”

husain_involved_in_hcjSo, when Akhtar says he’s “not involved” with the HCJ, and hasn’t been since 2010, what he really means is that they can pop round, use his own computer, and prepare and disseminate their vile outpourings from there. Don’t know about you, but that sounds rather like being ‘involved’ to me!

But, the denials continue.

A recent screen shot of the HCJ’s website, here, repeats the claim – highlighted in red. “Husain left the HCJ in 2010 because of the conflict of interest and since then has not been involved in the work of the HCJ” it says.

That’s a fairly clear and unambiguous statement. Surely, if you were to make a statement as bold as that, it would be true, right?

Well… We looked at who owned the domain (website address) hrcj.org.uk a couple of years ago, but well after the 2010 period mentioned as the epoch when Akhtar quit the HCJ – due to that ‘conflict of interest’.

Any guesses as to what it said?

husain_hcj_whoisThat’s right, as at August 15, 2011, it was still showing Akhtar as the registrant of the domain. In fact, the last update the previous month – at least seven months after Akhtar’s reported divorce from the group – it was showing that.

Why would that be?

After all, if you weren’t involved, due to a ‘conflict of interest’ surely you’d make sure that every link, no matter how tenuous, would be removed?

There’s a copy of the WHOIS entry, produced on 15.08.2011 here.

It seems that some of Akhtars tales may be stretching the bounds of possibility. Either he is ‘involved’ in the HCJ or he’s not. Without wishing to cast speculation, I think it appropriate to leave it down to the fine residents of Harrow, who he purports to serve, to judge him on his honesty and integrity.

The entire Akhtar story is far from over yet. If you have any information you wish to share, please send it via email to info@iharrow.com. You can be assured of complete anonymity.






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  1. Sajid Chaudry

    Excuse the pun but the “net” is well a truly closing isn’t it? Fear is a great thing when you have wronged . Despite how good or clever one thinks they are the truth will prevail. The level of support for Cllr Zarina Khalid has been nothing short of divine really and I will quote others by saying “especially in the holy month of Ramadan”. The HCJ & Hussain have now run out of places to hide. How can they face the public.?

    Jeremey Zeids post had eluded to the signature of the computer so well done for to the person who exposed it further.

    Whether it be a Muslim ,Hindu or BME this level of abhorrent behaviour does not hold any purpose or conviction against any man woman or child. It is the fact they have done it to one who is culturally balanced to unite a society that is so divided by the bigotry hiding in the forms of the HCJ. It threatens their own kushti existence. I wonder how many good people have been crippled or scared when the HCJ had played the racist card like so many do today in order to compensate for their own failures in life. ( Attacks on Cllr Susan hall and Cllr Victoria silver)

    Just look at the power of this woman and the level of emotion it has generated in favour or her. I can imagine its really hard to hear those words together in the same sentence as it would never ever have computed into Ahktars; dark, ignorant and corrupted mind. iharrow has never been so busy nor have I ever seen so many comments in support of Cllr Khalid compared to other Cllrs.

    its time for the next level now I guess . Reporting to standards & criminal investigations.?

  2. Nims

    Well done iharrow! Bless you all who have helped reveal the evil that is behind HCJ and Husain. Hang your heads in shame Husain and your tribe of nasties (aka HCJ)

  3. Amna

    Wow! What great news! God really is helping those who need justice this month, hang in there Cllr Zarina the truth has been revealed and hopefully this can undo the damage done by the evil Husain.

  4. Ahmed

    I don’t expect Hussain to do the decent thing and resign because that wouldn’t be in keeping with his character. As a peace loving citizen of Harrow I DEMAND that action be taken forthwith against this evil man. This man has no place in our society. His actions are akin to the dirty politics of banana republics.To Cllr Khalid, I would say that you should be resolute and know that God delivers justice to those who are patient. He will get his comeuppance.

  5. Cllr Zarina Khalid

    Thank you all for being so supportive, it is much appreciated.

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