Aug 04 2013

Husain and the HCJ – The Douchebag Award


It’s been a busy week for Cllr Husain Akhtar or the HCJ (whatever your thoughts, the evidence points strongly towards Husain being involved in the HCJ – whether that’s by playing a part in the activism, or simply ‘allowing them to readily use his personal office resources’ is up for debate). But lets review what he (or they) have been up to this week.

On July 27, the HCJ sent (from the same computer that Husain uses at home) their newsletter which appallingly attacked Cllr Zarina Khalid, by splashing some modelling photographs she’d done. Interestingly, this didn’t go to the usual mailing list that HCJ use for their diarrhoea-like mailings, and nor did it use the HCJ’s usual third-party mailing service. Entitled “Civic Centre is not all that boring!” is contained nothing other images from a photo-shoot that Zarina had taken part in: nothing to be ashamed of at all, and entirely appropriate to show your grandmother. Husain’s comment when challenged? “My only professional comment is that perhaps the model’s  expressions could have matched the location’s atmosphere better.” If you held the view that the man was an idiot, I doubt you’d find anyone to disagree with you.

One wonders how Husain stumbled across these. A search for ‘stunning asian model’ perhaps? Lord alone knows what he, or they, were trawling the web for, whilst cocooned up with a box of Kleenex and a bottle hand hand-cream that night.

We asked Husain if he’d sent it. He denied all knowledge, at which point, we told him that we’d traced both the newsletter and a personal email from him back to the same computer. More denials: he says he lets them use his ‘personal office resources’ despite noting earlier that he handed over to the HCJ a computer he used to use.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Husain (or the HCJ) then found another model, in swimwear this time, and cleverly insinuated that this was also Zarina. Now, I’ve not seen Zarina up close enough to be sure, but the pictures that were linked to looked awfully like her. I called her to find out: no, she said. She’d done the safari-style shoot and some Asian bridal wear work, but nothing to be ashamed of, and certainly, no swimwear stuff.

Incredibly, the community swung into action at Husain’s (or the HCJ’s) behaviour. Starting off, one commenter noted that ” In recent times we have witnessed three separate personal, aggressive attacks on three well-respected and hard-working female Councillors from different political groups…”

Things rapidly got worse: we read that the ‘sad individual’ is a ‘pathetic voyeur’ which ‘…coupled with jealousy leads some individuals to do disgraceful and obscene things.’

It’s a first for Husain (or the HCJ) to pick on a fellow Muslim: their targets have traditionally been white councillors.

Sabine wrote: ‘ Why are people still entertaining this miserable, beyond ridiculous group? As for Husain Akhtar please don’t get me started on that pathetic, sad little man.’

Concerned Harrowvian came up with a top tip of getting a good seat at future council meetings: ‘…announce you are called Husain Akhtar and all the seats where you propose to sit will rapidly empty.’

A comment from Ayesh summed up a lot of feeling: ‘…sick person, husain i am disgusted at this pathetic behaviour…’

It was left to Mrs Fletcher to ram the point home: ‘Husain Akthar, I feel sorry for you and your obvious hatred towards society and women. I mean the evidence is all there, and yet you honestly state you have nothing more to do with an organisation which is what your Declaration of Interests suggests?’ She continues, ‘…This sudden interest in semi naked girls astounds me…’

‘ I am not surprised as this entity or group of insipid and lacklustre individuals could only come out with something as asinine as this,’ wrote Zain M. ‘ Surely this only affirms who are the hypocrites and the ones seeking to vilify individuals on baseless and unfounded claims…’ he continues.

‘Lack of moral fibre!’ noted Peter Tucker about the HCJ and the ‘inconsequents responsibile’

Omar is brief: ‘Simply an unpleasant character, who continues to act idiotically.’ We, perhaps, couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Doing this during the Holy month of Ramadan upset many people. Amna was forced to shout her feelings: ‘HARROW COUNCIL FOR JUSTICE AND HUSAIN ARE NASTY PEOPLE WHO STAND FOR HATRED’ to get the message across. ‘Simple logic tells us who is behind this. He is lying during this month, what else is the little tiny man lying about? There are daggers behind his smiles, beware of him everybody! Zarina is a fellow Muslim and you BME people do this to her? I still cannot believe it…’ she continues.

Our Will and Jameel Sheik describe Husain as ‘chelaki mottah chamchaa’ – we’re not sure what  that means, but it’s probably not polite.

Finally (although there are lots more), Ruby wrote ‘The whole of HCJ should be named and shamed and the website shut down. They know the Asian Community and how bad it was to send images of one their own BME girls in that way without permission…and then to post links of the same photographer, but with totally different swimwear models who look similar to Cllr Zarina. I cannot believe an organisation; especially one called HCJ would do that. Husain…’

You can read all the comments here and here.

Four days later, an email arrives from Dr Pravin Shah – Legal and General Secretary of the HCJ – with a Version 2 of the newsletter. It said:

It has come to our attention that our complimentary gesture to promote BME art and artists (www.hcrj.org.uk), has been distorted and negatively propagated to target HCJ – the thorn in many eyes because we expose socio-political wrong-doings and doers. So much so, that the comments about the photos have been encouraged without letting people see the photos.

It is rare to find a councillor who is also a keen model. Therefore, it is refreshing to introduce this combination to cheer up the rather unpleasant political mess in Harrow, created by the main political groups on the council – ‘Harrow Council left with no party in control – a ridiculous situation to be in‘.

The photos and the gallery credits in our newsletter below are from public domain though soon after our Newsletter, the link page [link removed] suddenly became unavailable but it was saved just in time and is now at [link removed].

And, of course, it took the opportunity to send out the photos all over again. Incredibly, Shah is reportedly a local magistrate… You’d think he might know better, wouldn’t you?

We wrote to Husain and suggested it might be appropriate to make a public apology to Zarina for the hurt and distress he’d obviously caused her. We added that maybe he should consider resigning as well. Of course, he hasn’t.

We also asked him if he’d been banned from his mosque – he said he hadn’t. Libel laws prevent us for saying what we’d heard he’d done, so we won’t. However, we did get forwarded a website address and a Facebook page which are reportedly run by his daughter, which make for some disturbing reading. If these really are his daughter, it’s awfully interesting in what’s not said in those blogs.

Chairman of the HCJ, Jaiya Shah (yes, it’s a three-in-a-bed scheme), ran from calls from the local press, saying she was ‘going on holiday’ – terribly convenient, of course. And utterly unbelievable.

Many will feel that it is about time the HCJ was gently euthanised: if fails to fulfil any purpose, having been bastarly spawned following a spat Husain got in with the Harrow Council for Racial Equality some years earlier. The HCJ contribute nothing to the borough, and frankly, serve only to bully and intimidate people as far as we can see. In fact, the HCJ have filed so many standards complaints against other councillors, rumour has it that they’re considered vexatious. Or in other words, their complaints probably aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

So what are the options: well, we understand from several sources that there is further formal interest in the workings of the group. Whether Husain will cut and run remains to be seen. But at the moment, his political career must be looking to be on shaky ground: we can’t see many votes heading his way in May next year if he chooses to stand again.

Zarina is a stunning young lady, who has been picked on by Hussain (or the HCJ) for unfathomable reasons. Or is it because she simply got the Portfolio that Husain wanted for himself, shortly before he stormed back out of the Independent Labour Group to go back to being an Independent Councillor?

[Updated 20.08.13 – poll has finished, so removed the box about voting]



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  1. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    What a monstrous insult to douchebags!

  2. Iqbal Singh

    what a great post!. It seems utterly unfathomable as to what they were trying to do to Cllr Zarina Khalid. It really does!. The level of disgust in using their own culture against her and being so divisive against their own residents is just simply abhorrent.

    Well the community does not take kindly to that sort of thing and it has truly backfired!. Now their families are exposed too, which isn’t entirely fair as they have been innocent in all this as has Cllr Khalid. Im afraid its how the old saying goes ” ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!” becomes quite appropriate.

    oh yes only one vote for Hussain to carry on. really?! or did someone have a dizzy moment and clicked “no ” by mistake.

    It is embarrassing to read really that some very respected and intelligent people have some deep feelings of “sour grapes”.

    They must all just go!

  3. Sara

    iharrow, as a Muslim I understand the severity of what Husain did and what you have done is right. I cannot believe that after all this evidence Husain is still trying to deny he had nothing to do with it. He is clearly a liar and that is why i have voted for him to resign. Why would HCJ not contact the Cllr before sending the photos, is this a nice thing to do? No! No contact with the photographer either who has no many other wonderful pictures as I checked, yet they choose to post out swimwear models. Promoting art excuse is total rubbish. Nasty business. How does Husain feel now I wonder? He attacks the world and wants to expose them, although there was nothing to expose as the Cllr’s pictures were fine and nothing to be ashamed of unless you believe your women should be covered head to toe, face in all. So Husain’s daughter has married a man with another wife, big deal, nothing wrong in that if it is what she wants, but how does Husain feel now that another organisation put it up in public? What goes around comes around Husain. Please put your head on a janemaz and pray for forgiveness. May God guild you as you are clearly very misguided.

  4. misbah

    You know what is funny? All this talk about Ramadan and how it’s bad to attack a Muslim sister and you are all attacking a Muslim brother who says he did not do it. In Islam you have to believe the word of a Muslim if they say they are not lying especially over that of a non-Muslim. There is no proof, only hearsay provided by a small minded individual who could not even execute a decent a piece of writing and brings shame to the name of journalism. If anyone has any proof then bring it clearly otherwise Muslims I suggest you fear Allah and not be so stupid as to believe a man who has no interest in promoting Islam. The fact that he wrote in such a trashy way proves he only has an agenda to defame and not to spread news, and I stand firm by my organization. You will all have to answer to Allah remember that, the one who backbites and slanders will have to eat the flesh of his brother on the Day of Judgement remember that and that goes for EVERY single person, councilor, single Mum or the author or audience of a stupid article. I would personally find it very flattering if Paul had nothing better to do than write about me – shows what a lack of a life he has. Let’s see if he has the balls to keep up this comment!! p.s Paul how would YOU know what a box of Kleenex and cram are used for unless….!!!

    1. Sabina

      Misbah, if Husain is innocent then he should publicly clear his name, ask him to place his hand on the holy Quran and swear he had nothing to do with defaming Cllr Zarina Khalid.

      Let’s face it this is probably the only way he can get this name out of the mud especially in the eyes of fellow muslims.

      I’m sure if Husain hadn’t already displayed such disgusting behaviour then people wouldn’t be so quick to judge, but this isn’t the case. How can so many people be wrong about one man? How can so many people have a list of negative things to say about him? Please help me to understand the real man behind all these comments because frankly he sounds pretty horrible.

      So if you have others (beside yourself) who are willing to defend Husain or say a few nice words about him them invite them to comment. We are all waiting.

  5. Vinay Majhijani

    Misbah, May I presume you’re Akhtars daughter, as referred to in earlier story? If so, I understand shame and embarrassment that father has caused you by actions. It is interesting that many of fellow Muslims have stood up against him for sins he committed. If you read everything here, especially about computer ip names, it seem that all facts point straight at him.

    To attack a fellow Muslim, was a sin too big. Especially when she appears to have done no wrong. However, I’m sure Paul be happy to set record straight if father has anything to say? I see he left your comment online (perhaps he not seen it yet), which suggests hes open to it.

    The insult at the end is not needed, and weakens your argument. But it would seem that it YOUR father who searching for pictures of sexy Muslim girls. I wonder why that was????

  6. Haji Putaak

    Im afraid Misbah your not up to speed are you.? you need to read all the articles that have been posted including the HCJ website and actually anal-lyse the subversive nature of the actions of people who are fighting so called justice. Your a clever woman and relatively opinionated so you will see the “eye rolling” intentions & statements the HCJ and Hussain have made.

    yeah im guessing you can attack all the seedy journalistic strategies in your defence but just read the other posts along with the HCJ website. Then truly express an opinion on here to let everyone see what we cant see. if you cant then your as “teeht” as everyone else.

    I know too how a close muslim female friend feels like when she is attacked innocently. Feeling her shame and pain as they comprehend what the community must think of them as they slowly withdraw . Im sure you know what the community is like by now.

    Its got nothing about being a muslim and the slander goading but highlighting basic human characteristics along with a dark devious conscious against the innocent.

  7. Mrs Fletcher

    My dear Misbah, if you are Husain’s daughter you will no doubt come to his defence. It is hard to see through evidence and conclude that quite obviously it was your father who went about trying to smear Cllr Zarina. It was husain’s computer, at his home address that was used to search for and upload the images. Husain said at first he had nothing to do with it, now, simple logic will tell you that he has made his first wrong claim, or lie. What he should have said if he is the honest Muslim brother you claim he is, is said ‘oh HCJ used my computer to upload the images’ (can you honestly believe he really had nothing to do with it now? It is clear from other iharrow posts that husain was targeting this councillor. Who lets people use their computer with no knowledge of what they have done?). So you see Misbah, Husain already made his first lie. Now, there is evidence which shows Husain emailed iharrow and said after he got caught, that he let them borrow his home computer when he had already previously supposedly given HCJ a laptop to work from. Now my Muslim friends tell me that one should stand up against injustice, even if it is against your own brother. I urge you to use logic here, Cllr Husain has upset not one, but many many people, what does your logic now tell you about this man?

  8. Susan Hall

    The truth here is that if Cllr Akhtar is responsible for the actions of the HCJ, then that is very serious indeed. There will be consequences I’m sure if these allegations are proven.

    If Mibash is indeed Cllr Akhtar’s daughter as suggested above, her annoyance with her website being noticed has clearly increased. Yet she leaves this website up for anyone to find and read. It’s not hidden away written in secret or takes any real effort to find. Unlike very personal modeling photos which were seemingly dug up by the HCJ. So I don’t understand why she’s so cross with it being found.

    The issue here is appropriate conduct by elected officials, and she should be as concerned as the rest of us if what has been alleged is true.

  9. Old Harrovian

    Husain can run but he cannot hide and more, his reign of meanness will hopefully end, well one would hope so. He seems like the kind of character who is loyal only to himself, in his own self elevated opinion of himself he fails to see the wider picture. He simply likes to attack. He get’s a kick out of it, what would Husain’s life be like if he was never able to complain? The poor man would have nothing to do. I feel sorry for his family who have to put up with his lies, they would want to believe him of course, but the truth is, he already lied once when he said he never had anything to do with the uploaded images. Then when he was caught out, he had a little ‘oops’ moment and conjured up a another little lie. His HCJ buddies came round to ‘borrow’ his computer. Please. Are we all a bunch of idiots? I can see why his daughter would support him even if evidence was starring in her face, his daughter cannot deny the IP address evidence. One cannot go wrong with IP addresses. From what I have heard he never was a nice man once you got to know him, if you are male then you have more chance of maintaining a friendship for a short while, or unless you always keep your distance. He is very quick to make enemies, there is always some truth to mass hate of someone. If only his family knew the real him, maybe they could help him. Would he ever let a female tell him what to do though, I think not, it would require a very elderly religious man, and even then, Husain may tell him to get lost.

  10. digpal

    With all due respect to HCJ, I saw Harrow Council of justice was promoting my work which is good for my work but at the same time I checked other posts and found out that the only aim they had was to make the models I have worked with look bad during the holy month of Ramadan. I was following this post and I felt bad because they have chosen to display images of models, one of which is Cllr Khalid who has never done any swimwear shoot or anything similar to that. I had no contact from the HCJ saying they wished to ‘promote my work’.
    This is really bad, Cllr Khalid is a really nice person and she would never do any swimwear shoot, I really respect her and it’s really sad that someone is showing other model’s photos and trying to attack Cllr Khalid.
    I am really disappointed with this action. I have other artwork on my website but I don’t understand the point of sharing bikini shoots instead of sharing other ART WORK.

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