Apr 10 2014

@husain_akhtar – Public Notice on Code of Conduct Breach

husain_akhtar1Page 60 of the Harrow Times this week carries the formal notice of disgraced councillor, Husain Akhtar’s Standards hearing.

The notice confirms that the Hearing Working Group found that Cllr Akhtar had breached the Councillor’s Code of Conduct.

The disgraced councillor has failed to respond to our requests for comment.



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  1. John Clement

    He’s merely an akhtar on a stage, who in his time plays many parts.

  2. John Nickolay

    It is rumoured that the restaurant in Station Road displaying the Saddam Husain picture is to be the Marlborough & Wealdstone Council candidates’ committee room for the elections on 22nd May but that the proprietor is temporarily showing the wrong Husain.

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