Feb 16 2015

I won’t accept an increase in the councillors’ allowance, says Cllr Bond

cllr_james_bondCllr James Bond has announced that he will not take any increase in the amount of monies received through the members’ allowance scheme, even if his colleagues vote themselves the recommended 2.2 per cent increase, which is due to be discussed at this Thursday’s cabinet meeting.

The proposed increase, which is inline with the current local government pay settlement, would see allowances for councillors raised for the first time in six years. The Independent councillor, who represents Headstone North, is incensed that this issue is even on the agenda. He said: “How on earth can we councillors look the residents of Harrow in the eye having taken a decision to pay ourselves more money at a time when virtually everything around us is either being closed down or is being cut back, when people working for the council have lost their jobs, and to top it all there is a recommendation to increase the council tax by almost 2 per cent?,”

“I was absolutely livid to discover this whilst reading through the hundreds of pages that make up the agenda for this Thursday’s cabinet meeting and I know many people will share my view. Councillors do very nicely from their allowances and they should share wholeheartedly in the austerity that will be with us all for many years to come,” added Cllr Bond.

The Headstone North councillor is taking advice from the council’s legal department on the best way to achieve his desired aim to not take the increase should it be adopted by the council. “Either the payroll section can maintain my annual allowance at the current level which is £8,160 per annum for a backbench councillor or I will ensure the difference, should the increase be paid to me, is passed to Harrow charities. I am sure the voluntary sector would welcome even a few extra pounds each month in these hard pressed times. However I strongly urge my colleagues to reject any increases to councillors’ allowances when they will have an opportunity to make their voices heard at next week’s meeting of the full council.”

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    At last we have a Harrow councillor who has entered politics for altruistic reasons and not to increase the size of the bank balance. “By their fruits ye shall know them”(Matthew 7.16). He has risen in my estimation and I wish he were my ward councillor.

    Let us see how many other councillors follow his lead. We can draw our own conclusion about the money grubbing ones that don’t.

    He is right.The residents are asked to make repeated sacrifices for the good of Harrow. Are the councillors going to do the same?

    Paul, would you publish the names of those councillors who indicate they will be donating the proposed allowance increase to charity.

  2. Anne Jones

    Concerned Harrovian makes a valid observation & the list is an excellent idea,it will be interesting too see who does & does not.

    I have a feeling that 1 or 2 councillors who shall remain nameless will cotton on that this will raise their profile & jump along side Councillor Bonds stance ,in the end it does not really matter how they get to acting like Cllr Bond but it would of been nice to see if they did it off their own back,rather than wait for public outcry

  3. Harrow Dude

    Well done 007, I wonder how many others will follow your lead?

  4. Emma

    Didn’t someone else say that whilst this sounds very impressive, he doesn’t mention the £30,000 he’s taken in allowances to date. Any sign of that be handed back, or is this only a soundbite to stoke up anti-big-party feeling?

    1. Harrow Dude

      JB receives the standard Members allowance of £8,160 which is paid to all Councillors unless they are eligible for Special Responsibility Allowances which range from £2,040 – £30,799

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