Jan 30 2013

iharrow.com Poll – Should Cllr Gawn Resign?

iharrow_logo_150x150Much has been written about Cllr David Gawn (Labour, Harrow on the Hill) following his recent convictions for fraud. The Harrow Conservative Group have (predictably) publicly called for his resignation, and the readers’ comments in the local press seem to have echoed this.

Over the last few weeks, we ran a poll on iharrow.com to see what our readers thought, and and it’s now time to bring that poll to a close.

gawn_voteWith 97 votes in total, 96% of people (who expressed an opinion) said that “Yes, he should resign as a councillor.” The remaining 4% thought “No, he shouldn’t”. Perhaps we should have included an option to say “Who cares?” but maybe that’ll be something for a later poll.

You can search all our articles which are about Cllr Gawn here.


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