Oct 14 2013

ILG Announce Harrow on the Hill Candidate: Dr Gajan Idaikkadar

ilg_roseHarrow’s Independent Labout Group have announced their candidate for, presumably, the Harrow on the Hill by-election – they don’t actually say as much in their press release.

Dr. Gajan Idaikkadar, has lived in Harrow for over 28 years and is a qualified NHS Doctor. The knowledge gained by working in hospitals here and overseas will be invaluable to residents in Harrow.

He attended Longfield School in Rayners Lane and has just married a British Gujarati.

Gajan is keen on sport, he enjoys playing football matches and also plays for Harrow Cricket Clubs.

Kandiah Krsihnamohan, a local Harrow on the Hill resident, said: “A vote for Gajan Idaikkadar is a vote for a local boy who cares for Harrow.”


Gajan’s pledges include:

  • LOCAL SWIMMING CLUB FOR ALL LOCAL CHILDREN AND USERS. I will make every effort to make John Lyon swimming pool accessible again to local children and users, bearing in mind any parking issues for neighbours.
  • CLEANER HARROW-ON-THE-HILL: On-the-spot fines for anti-social behaviour, including littering, graffiti, fly-tipping and spitting. This is the best way to change this unacceptable behaviour and save tax payers’ money spent on cleaning.
  • 2 YEAR FREEZE/DECREASE IN COUNCIL TAX: 0% increase in Council Tax for two years, or even decrease it. No increase higher than inflation thereafter, with clear business case and community needs. Raising standards of services while supporting residents through hard times and the ever increasing cost of living.
  • FREE 20 MINUTES PARKING: Boost local economy and help local residents. Rayners Lane shopkeeper, Mr Kirran Tah, of Eggfree Cake Box, praised the scheme and said, “this is a brilliant idea and has resulted in increased trade and should be rolled out permanently across Harrow”. We will extend this throughout the Borough, helping residents and traders alike.
  • EDUCATION AND OUR FUTURE: Continue to invest in local schools, teachers and working with parents and families. We would reintroduce grant funding for any community that organises teaching of their language and culture whilst promoting traditional British values.
  • PARKING & TRANSPORT: Disabled and accessible access at Harrow on the Hill Station. We will increase the pressure on TfL and GLA Members to pursue this matter urgently.
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  1. King David

    Afraid given the record of Harrow on the Hill elections mean he has no chance. Now that ex Tory and well known local Eileen Kinnear and UKIP Zeid are standing it seems like an easy Labour victory now.

  2. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Another dynasty is born. At least with Navin Shah’s daughter trying for Council, I have a good strapline, “Shah Trek, the Next Generation”. Just can’t think of a suitable one for Gajan.

  3. 4Democracy

    You’d think he would want to broadcast his links!!

  4. Praxis Reform

    Is any of this even possible given that he will have less that a year in office?

    I’m preared to accept that he might get out a brush and help keep Harrow Hill tidy, or write letters to improve local transport… But does he single-handedly have the power to freeze/decrease Council tax? I’m sure that if all councillors could give away free parking, then many of them would have done so already, rather than starting petitions and suchlike.

  5. Praxis – gosh, next thing we know they’ll be promising brand new hospitals and such. No, wait… someone’s already done that.

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