Jan 04 2014

ILG: Harrow Labour’s “Malicious Campaign” Backfires

ilg_rosePress Release from Harrow Independent Labour on the resolution, at last, of the ongoing Flash Musicals saga.

Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar, Leader of the Independent Labour Group, said: “Either Harrow Labour Group, instigators of the Call-In are simply incompetent and ignorant or the Call-In was politically motivated, calculated, malicious and an attempt to discredit me and the Mayor who has chosen Flash Musicals, a very worthy charity, as one of her charities. This unsavoury episode has shown that I have the integrity and courage to take decisions in the best interests of Harrow”

After accusing maliciously or childishly reproving Independent Labour an underhand decision, hoping for political advantage, the same decision made by Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar about the Flash Musicals saga is now, at last, being implemented. It was the best decision in the circumstances. This latest development is the clearest possible vindication of the bold and courageous decision taken by the Independent Labour Group under my leadership in spite of the risk of political mischief by Harrow Labour Party and Tory Councillors they could mislead. Far from being a hasty decision, it was clearly thought out and solved a 7 years old problem which previous Conservative and Labour Administrations were unable to solve. The Independent Labour Group managed this in a few months. Common sense has prevailed at last and the Council will implement the original decision I made, which was well considered, properly thought-through and dealt with intractable issues with the professional support of Officers.

It is not really surprising that Harrow Labour Party instigated the call-in; it is the sort of base, malicious behaviour which led to a split in the Harrow Labour Party. It is unfortunate that Harrow Labour Party will stoop to any level – maligning a dedicated and bona-fide local charity which serves the vulnerable and others in one of the most deprived parts of the Borough – if they think there is an opportunity to discredit their former colleagues and gain political advantage.

The fact is that Labour Party in Harrow is incapable of standing up for justice and fairness whether it is the Flash Musicals issue or the independent investigation into Institutional Racism agreed by the Council. Stuck in 1976, they do not seem to understand the implications of the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 which followed the Macpherson Inquiry.

Astonishingly, whilst the Conservative Leader has instructed that terms of reference be drawn up so the independent investigation into institutional racism in Harrow Council can take place, Harrow Labour Party is dragging its heels. Just as justice prevailed in the Flash Musicals case, the Independent Labour Group is confident that standing up for justice and fairness against the odds is the route to victory.

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