Oct 15 2013

ILG Say: No Wonder Residents Are Fed Up With Politicians

ilg_roseDear Editor

According to comments by residents and media reports, the Conservative administration seems quite happy to claim credit for giving up to £38,000 for people living in Council properties to move out of Harrow. The cash will be offered on a sliding scale, depending on the size of the home the council tenant agrees to leave, ranging from £20,000 to £38,000. If 100 people agree to take up this cash handout by the Council – 88 four bedroom houses and similar number of 3 or 4 bed parlours as classified by the Council – this will cost the Harrow Tax Payers approximately around £3800000.

One could argue about the merits and demerits of such a policy but what is baffling is this, Tory Leader, Councillor Susan Hall, said in the recent past when this policy was initially being debated “That Labour is even considering spending such large sums on such questionable schemes is extremely alarming; I think our residents and tenants deserve better than an administration which has such a flippant attitude towards their money and their futures.” Lo and behold, now the same Councillor Susan Hall is claiming the credit for introducing the scheme in an interview?

No wonder residents are fed up with the politicians who change their tune to suit their political interest.

The answer is obvious, regardless of which party colour you wear or none. Our country needs to build more good quality houses in appropriate areas for our future generations. In Harrow – our family members, sons, daughters, brothers and other members of the key social unit – will be pushed further out of Harrow, making it difficult to keep the community and family together – a key British value.

The Independent Labour administration provided a clear policy and priorities paper to the Harrow top brass in Civic Centre. One of the ideas was to seriously explore the feasibility of borrowing from the pension fund with careful safeguards in place to build more houses smartly and sensibly. For example, currently our pensions are invested in fund which gives us around 5% return, if we were to invest 10% of our pension fund in building houses, we will get three clear benefits:

  • we ease the housing crisis in Harrow;
  • we can get up to 10% return (yield), compared to half the return currently on investment; and
  • we will own the capital asset – the houses.

This initiative ensure that the tax payers’ money is invested better in bricks and mortar which the Council will own, providing better yield in terms of revenue generation. This is out of the box thinking. It is innovative, smart and is a value for money solution to the housing crisis that we are facing. There are many examples up and down the country where the housing development is forward thinking, appropriate to the area and does not create sardine boxes – out of character with local environment. In Rayners Lane, thorough negotiation and professional designing, we now have 700 plus spacious modern units, rather than 560 units which were there before the redevelopment. This could provide a helping hand to many people in Harrow, especially our young people, who are finding really hard to find housing. This will also help fight the cost of living crisis that many residents are facing on daily basis.

I urge the Conservative administration to take a long term view of the housing crisis in Harrow rather than short term solution, which at first they appeared to publicly criticise.

Dr. Gajan Idaikkadar

Candidate for Harrow on the Hill by-election

Harrow First : Independent Labour Group

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  1. MS

    Dr Idaikkadar

    “No wonder residents are fed up with the politicians who change their tune to suit their political interest.”

    That would include your father then, would it? The man who was Leader of Harrow Council, who left his party and made up a new one. The man who changed his tune to suit HIS interests on many issues, Whitchurch Playing Fields being one of them. Here’s the link to inform you, in case you didn’t know about this.


    It’s so desperately sad that everyone in the Civic Centre seems to have forgotten that they work for us, the residents. They seem to think they are there to further their own interests.

    We vote you in, we can get you out.

  2. King David

    Ad hominem comment above. sad but expected. Ironically it reinforces the point about the quality of politics in Harrow currently.

  3. krishna lathia-james ILG

    I would like to point out to our residents that the truth about goings on at the council may at last come out. The only reason why 9 councillors that includes me left harrow labour group after putting up with injustice for far too long. Does not Harrow or anywhere else for that matter deserve the best. The 9 councillors who between them were 3 former mayors, 1 chairman of labour group who happened to be a lawyer,others are scientist , artists, community workers including a highly qualified nurse who gained two qualifications in harrow. Harrow was being denied these peoples talents for far too long just because they were not of the right colour or their face did not fit. There is over 150 years of labour party membership between them. These people were bypassed at Labour groups Agm 2. It was not about greed. Some of us are retired and others have chosen a simpler way of life long time ago. These life hardened people don’t sucked in by the status thing. On 16th of September elected councillors sank further when Labour group and Conservative groups colluded to vote to set aside 18 clauses of Harrow’s constitution, a constitution that was set by the 1972 local authorities act, are you there Eric Pickles. Something that was done in Nazi Germany appears to have happened in Humble Harrow, there they burnt books. The mayor was made impotent and tories took power by design and default. None of the ILG councillors grabbed power, labour group bent rules to suit them and did not follow processes. ILG did. ILG have integrity, which is hard to find in society at present, what example are we as adults setting for our children in harrow if you don’t like the rules change them! . Harrow deserves better, the vulnerable in harrow are suffering by the inhuman Con/Dem cuts, Labour group carried out the dirty work like closing the Marlborough hill Mental Health day drop in. All our residents are suffering only a chosen few are escaping. It is time to tell the truth in Harrow. It is time to think differently, don’t let anyone tell you there is no money, it is all about how you choose to spend it.
    Cllr Krishna James

    1. Dame Betty

      Thanks for this Krishna. I have nothing but respet for the ILG members I have met. The Labour Party will do well to investigate concerns in a fair and transparent manner. There are problems not only in Harrow.

  4. Harrow Dude

    Integrity…Krishna you’re having a laugh apart from your abstention all of the ILG including your leader voted for Susie. Turkeys voting for Christmas springs to mind

  5. King David

    The fact is Labour group colluded with tories to rip up the constitution, agreed to sit on Tory cabinet which at first they objected and and ridiculed. they are happy to sit with white Tory Susan Hall but not with asian ex labour leader Thaya – why? Talk about pot and kettle. do you really expect independent labour to vote for a labour leader and group that hase been accused of blatant discrimination, racism and official comp.laint letter sent to NEC of Labour Party. No investigation not even reply according to bbc politics and other coverage. Completely illogical and inaccurate labour argument.

    This also makes no political sense. Labour seem hapy to close ranks to ptotect a few people within their group to protect their ego and political career at the expense of true labour values and majority of fair minded labour suporters.

    Time to wake up. Ditch those self serving interest and take control – only if labour backbenchers and others can see beyond vested interests in their midst that control the machinery.

  6. Harrow Dude

    So the Tories colluded with the Labour group to suspend the constitution to enable a leadership challenge and the ILG choose to vote for the instigator of said challenge. Unlike Krishna J they chose NOT to abstain. An accusation is just that, bring some evidence to the table and I’m sure you’ll get your investigation. Whatever colour the Councillor (blue or red) they all have a vested interest and it and it generally revolves around themselves,

    1. Dame Betty

      Leadership Challenge would not have been successful without collusion from Labour Group. Both sides were equally responsible. ILG probably found it difficult to vote for a group they believe are not upholding Labour values and principles. There are unresolved issues regarding discrimination. Abstaining would probably have meant voting for Labour Group through the backdoor. There are problems within Labour, which need to be resolved. Susan Hall is probably more experienced than Leader of Labour Group.

  7. King David

    No wonder labour is so fickle. how can you vote for someone you accuse of racism. as for investigation and evidence ask NEC they hav been provided enough. or brush under carpet and belittle labour membership of nearly hundred years to save tiny minority in labour machinery. your response and illogical comments tell you enough abour labour mindset. at least with susan you know what you get. One might not agree with her policies but you cant deny she is more competent than 28 yrs old perry.

  8. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    The biggest problem is that the Council is perceived as distant, self serving, contemptuous of residents and bullying. There are excellent Councillors in most parties but are often overshadowed and sidelined by the “worthies” who are threatened by them. There is also a tendency for parties to put complete unknowns of dubious ability onto their lists and who are tgen elected without a trace. The Labour Party have utterly disgraced themselves and can only blame themselves and the conniving Navin Shah in particular for the alienation of the ILG group and our excellent Mayor, Cllr Nana Asante in particular. These antics disgust the electorate who just want the Borough to run without cosing a fortune. They are also rightly hacked off when they hear constant squawking about “the cuts” by Cllr Sachin Polly Parrot Shah while his lot cut cleansing etc and splashed our money on “free” IPads. I always bought my own stuff and not expected residents to fund my lifestyle. The Harrow on the Hill by-election is going to be very interesting. My and UKIP’s ethos is that the Council is there to serve residents, not the other way around. Equally, I see the other parties spending a fortune on their literature. I am self funding the UKIP campaign and a strict budget of a maximum of £100 due to careful sourcing of paper, ink and toner from ebay. I don’t needlessly waste my money and I certainly won’t waste yours. Fancy expensive shiny leaflets do not impress.

  9. Praxis Reform

    The problems are much more widespread, just before the last election MPs of all colours were mired in sleaze, with their many and varied expenses scandals – we were promised recall laws, where are they?

    Banksters screwed up big time, and we were promised a bracing new regime, where no longer would gains be privatized, whilst losses were socialized. Nobody in the Banking industry has put their hand up and said “Oops, I made a mistake”, or even here’s what we’re going to do to stop this happening again. Why not? Because the Labour Government effectively made sure nobody was in charge and markets were allowed to do whatever they damn well liked… Since the Tories like balance, the situation has improved not a jot under the Conservative Government; with Mr Osborne even protesting against a cap proposed by the EU that Banksters should not receive more that 100% of their salary in bonuses.

    To bring this back to more local matters, has nobody else noticed that there seems to be something rotten at the heart of Harrow’s Labour party. First, we get the corrupt Toerag McNulty who was more interested in over-claiming his expenses than representing his constituents. I couldn’t get a response out of the fellow, and I’ve since heard that other people were ignored too.

    Labour Cllr Gawn was convicted for theft and Labour Cllr Gate resigned over kiddie porn, etc. after that, we hear allegations of racism, which the Labour party refused to investigate, instead choosing to expel those making the allegations, rather than carry out any investigation.

    Then there’s the almost complete lack of interest from Councillors representing the so called Wealdstone corridor area…


  10. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Ah would that be the Wealdstone with the STEALTH CAMERA? (Over to you j.p.!!)

  11. j p hobbs

    Well Will with all the Will in the Weald nothings has changed . other than crime on that stretch going up , as is with stealth fines . Thanks for the bump .

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