Feb 03 2014

ILG Say: Tories Caved in to Independent Labour Group over Free Parking

ilg_rosePress release from Harrow Independent Labour Group, who sent us their PR about 20 minutes free parking in Harrow…

Harrow Independent Labour Group’s successful, effective and sustained campaign has forced the Harrow’s Tory administration to announce a U-turn about 20 minutes free parking in Harrow and adopt the policy of Independent Labour Group.

Leader of the Independent Labour Group, Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, said: “Tories have been forced to give in by our sustained, successful and effective campaign, with the power and help of residents and traders, about free 20 minutes parking in Harrow. After ruining the Christmas for traders and residents when the Conservative administration cancelled the scheme, I reminded them that Independent Labour Group will push hard and fight for a policy that helps local people in tough economic times.”

He continued, “I want to thank all those businesses and residents who supported the scheme when I pioneered the idea and implemented the trial in Rayners Lane. It has been a hard campaign to support the local residents and businesses in Harrow but it was worth it. Independent Labour Group instincts were right and replacing machines as part of the capital programme was always on the cards. There was no need to cause distress by cancelling the trial in Rayners Lane but we are pleased that, at last, the Conservative Administration has listened to Independent Labour Group, Businesses and Residents. I am pleased that that the debate at Full Council meeting initiated by us has had a positive impact. We will continue to fight hard for what is best for Harrow.”

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  1. Mr T Mills

    So, exactly what is the position?
    Much hot air and waffle, no facts.

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